"Operating Systems and Computers are obsolete the moment you purchase them. Someday, the wave will outrun you, too. As a programmer, one has to SETTLE on something eventually in order to do QUALITY work, and my project has been a really long one. This ideal will always CLASH with what common people think you ought to do. I am forever having to backward adapt things. But it amazes my friends and serves my purposes. I have other reasons, too. Resist. Rebel. Refuse to pay for crap. Remember for example that windows 3.1 runs 500 times faster on a modern machine. It's only a filing system. Think simpler, not newer."

The nostalgia and retro movements are still really big right now, as are the maker, hobbyist, and Repurpose-Reuse efforts both here in the US, and in Europe.
Just look on youtube!  10 million people can't be wrong!

"Get with the program, YOURSELF!"

P.S: You should all be SCREAMING for both hardware and software standards since they are all really WEAK right now.  Demand better!  My generation was spoiled.
It's good for competition, it's good for developers, it's good for everyone.