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Welcome and thank you for visiting our family gardening webpage. It's been alot of fun and joy to put together our garden and sharing our experience with you. If you have any suggestions, tips, questions of interests, etc or just want to say hello, I can be emailed at eva.nicholas@gmail.com 

Almost all the photos on these pages are actual photos from our garden, friends and family. Ta-ta for  now. Hope you enjoy learning about gardening with us.


 In addition to enjoying and  sharing the fruits of our own labour and love from the garden Troy came across what appears to be an artifact of a clay tobacco pipe and some bullets from a company in the late 1800's and some unknown bones. We will have these examined by a Mi'kmaw archaeologist. More updates coming soon. 

Update:  Mi'kmaw archaeologist  Roger Lewis was here at  our garden the other day to view the pipe, ammo and some unknown bones we  found in the garden. He knew we were concerned about the bones since we did not recognize what type, besides we did not want to disturb a possible burial ground. He was very kind to come so soon after we contacted him. Rest assured though the bones were old cow bones,  and the pipe was an old clay pipe from around the mid 1850's he said. He asked if he could take the pipe with him and of course we said yes.

This is the warm scene  from our garden signaling the end of a wonderful summer's day.

It's amazing that one pack of tomatoe seeds, which was either $1.49 - 1.99 produced over 500 tomatoes. Most of them were green though, we kind of planted late in the season but we did get some red tomatoes. My great aunt took many of them home and preserved them by making a wonderful chow. They were a great treat to have on the side of our  moosemeat and bacon and eggs all year. Now that were into July 2007, we  are finally down to our last jars of homemade chow chow. We are going to miss the chow until we can make some more at harvest time. The chow below are actual photos, some jars were bigger. There were over 50 jars of Chow. Yummmmy! Thank you Mulch. She also preserved some cucumber relish, which was so delicious by the way and some strawberry jam using twin sugar. You know homemade preserves are much tastier than any store bought items. There is no comparison and it feels good to know all the ingredients going into your food. My whole garden iss chemical free, we use absolutely no pesticides here. I love the idea of having an organic diet. 

I came across this old photo of "Whycocomagh Indians" on the internet. Anyone know who these people may be?    

Mi'kmaw woman harvesting potatoes , back in the days. Actually I do not know when this was, I forget if I even knew. I got this photo from Elder and friend Mary Ellen Phillips a couple of years ago. It was taken in Maine, after the blueberry harvest but I am not sure what year this was or who the lady in the photo is actually. Notice the baskets the harvesters used, I wonder if these were provided by the workers, mi'kmaw basket makers or by the farmers. What's the story?

Stay tuned for a story on the annual blueberry harvest coming soon. 

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 Here's Kaktogowaas making a mad dash to the garden. He kept running away from indoors to the garden. I happened to have my camera in hand. 

WooHooooo! Mission accomplished. He is happy to be here. He is a wonderful little gardener. He helped out a bunch and he was proud to share the crop with family and friends always letting them know that he helped grow it especially the corn.  He planted the corn of 2006 which came out perfect.

  I have fallen in Love

 Well, 2006 was our very first attempt to gardening and now I am head over heels in love with our family garden. I have always admired gardens, plants and flowers. But it wasn't something I thought I could ever do, I couldn't even tend to a plant years ago and besides if you ever seen my rocky lawn at the trailer court it wouldn't seem possible. At least this is what I thought. 

One beautiful spring day last year, we took a trip to Auld's Cove to buy a Lobster Dinner On Mother's Day. As part of the celebration we stopped in at Petipas Market, the local farmer's market. It was then and there that I actually took that first vital step to garden that year and I am sure glad I did. I bought a few seeds of corn, howard dill pumpkins, jack o' lanterns, cukes, lettuce,tomatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, strawberry roots, and rubbarbs.  I guess my idea at the time was that I can plant these foods somewhere behind our trailer court, nebooktook.  I deserved a good mother's day and I wanted it to be special. This would be perfect gift that would benefit me, my soon to be born baby and our entire family. 

As I pondered the idea of growing my own foods, I fell in love with the idea but there were several obstacles we had to overcome before any planting would take place.  Where can we actually plant the seeds, what work did we need to do and how can we do this on a tight budget. 

I would try to do the labour myself but I was still busy with two young babies and I was pregnant and always tired. I would need alot of extra help if our garden was going to happen. With the faithful help of my husband, and children, we managed to transform the bushes behind the trailer park into a tiny magnificent garden, our piece of paradise. Well Troy did most of the work of course. Thank you honey.


None of us ever gardened and did not have a clue about it! It was Father's Day by the time we planted the last seeds. There was alot of work we needed done. LOL Much more than I anticipated. Of all the seeds we planted, surely i thought, at least one of our veggies would grow. Hopefully! I crossed my fingers and I rushed to my garden ever morning, noon and always said goodnite:) 


I was always excited to see how our garden transformed over the previous day. It's amazing to see how plants and veggies grow, even feels miraculous. In many ways the garden is a place of inspiration that often leaves me awed and breath taken. Gardening has been a very rewarding new way of life for us now. Its amazing how resilient life could be. I found myself thinking a many deep thoughts during my hours at the garden, about life in general, my path in life, where I am now, how this came to be and thinking always how can life be bettered. In many ways, the garden often reminded me about my life and struggles in recent years, I had experienced a great loss of losing four babies through stillbirth and miscarriage. Often times, a plant that seemed so healthy and strong could quickly be devoured, severely damaged so hastily by natures pests such as snails, beetles, crows, moths, weeds, etc. This was always disappointing but many times, the plant , with proper care and treatment, would survive and become stronger and eventually the entire garden of 2006 was a huge success. I found myself feeling very proud, well, happier and more hopeful than I have been for a long time. In short, The garden is a beautiful place for our home that we all enjoy and we all spend great quality time as a family getting to know our earth mother and each other. I'm in Love, I feel alive and well with mother nature. She is absolutely wonderful to us that we should all take the time to reflect on her blessed gifts of life to us each and every day we live. 


We are so fortunate that our garden not only consist of the plants and veggies we planted but greatly blessed with Mother Nature's wild and natural creations of Blackberries, Crab Apples, Wild Hazel Nuts, Rasberries, Elderberries,  dandelions, and more.We are just surrounded by her beauty. We even get the occasional deer, moose, bear and rabbits that comes through the area.

Kaktogowaas devoured the blackberries by the pound each and every day during the month of august and September. 


 Can you believe this photo morphed into the garden you see beneath this caption. Well the photos are taken from different directions but none the less, its the same garden. Awesome what a few seeds can do eh. I never dreamed that I can possibly do this, now my mind is just fantasizing what we can do in the next few years. I can see gardening as a part of my life now and forever. You won't see my garden on the front page of Gardening Magazines Yet but I'm still taken away.                 



This is my mother Bellin  n the left and her friend Margarette on the right taking home some of the goods from the garden of 2006.

 Here's Aunt Mulch's Recipe for Cucumber Relish. I never even heard of such a relish until I tried it. Its the tastiet cuke I ever had in my life. Its a wonderful alternative to using commercial relish and mustard. It was a sweet two in one relish.  By the way, it is super tasty. Mulch and Anna K sure can make great preserves! Way to go ladies ;) I'm gonna have to learn from them. 

 Did somebody say Strawberries? MMMM Yummy!

Here is a chronological view, harvest and the all important taste test of our strawberry patch of 2006 which is only one part of the several plants we gardened. It was also one of our favorites. Now we were told by many experienced gardeners that we would not see any berries the first year but as you can see we did get to harvest some berries and I will update you on the amazing harvest of our strawberry patch of 2007. The patch is now huge and so much richer than year one. Children always favor the strawberries in the garden. And you know once you plant a strawberry patch it will grow back next year and continue to expand. But I would do it a bit differently on next years new patch. I just want to keep expanding the garden every year. 

l The first photo on the top left was taken only a week after we planted the strawberry roots, I was amazed with gardening at this point. I can actually start to see the plants coming alive and became quite excited with anticipation of how the patch would develop. Then you can see Troy and Blake checking the crop. We care and check if the berries are ready to eat. Make sure there are no pest munching out on our juicy berries and pull out any weeds than are competing with our precious goods.  We could hardly wait to taste our very own homegrown berries. We decided that our first harvest of berries would be deserving of some strawberry shortcake. This is a dessert we all love and felt good knowing we were enjoying it as a result of the labor of our own love. Sweet choice. We also just love to munch on fresh berries and freeze them for the morning milkshake I love to have for breakfast especially on a hot summer morning.



Thank you for visiting and learning all about gardening with us ;)