Mikkel Sølvsten
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics

Mikkel Sølvsten            Contact Information
            William H. Sewell Social Science Building
            Office 7430 
            1180 Observatory Drive 
            Madison, WI 53706-1393 

            Phone: 608-262-1789
            Email: soelvstenMERMAID@UNICORNwisc.edu (Remove all mythical creatures from the address)

            (Curriculum Vitae)

    Working Papers

  • M. Sølvsten (2019). Robust Estimation with Many Instruments. Journal of Econometrics (paper) (supplemental appendix) (online appendix) 
  • Hjort, J., M. Sølvsten, and M. Wüst (2017). Universal investment in infants and long-run health: Evidence from Denmark’s 1937 home visiting program. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. (paper)

  • Fall 2018, Economics 410: Introductory Econometrics, (syllabus)