Mikkel Gerken: Research & work in progress

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RESEARCH: I work mainly at the intersection of epistemology and philosophy of mind.

I also work at the intersection between epistemology and philosophy of language. In particular, I defend the view called 'strict invariantism' against a number of recent attacks based on linguistic pheomena.

I have an interest in the intersection between epistemology and metaphysics of modality. I wonder how issues in modal epistemology bear on philosophical methodology.

I like to think about how empirical research in cognitive psychology bears on all of the above issues and, in particular, I am appealing to cognitive psychology in my work on knowledge ascriptions.

From 2008-11, much of my time will concern issues in social epistemology. I am co-founder of the Social Epistemology Research Group (SERG) at the University of Copenhagen.
A short description of my own part of the project (a part of the grant application) is available here.  

PAPERS: In progress or under review. To avoid compromising the blind refereeing procedure (something I am a fan of), I provide indefinite descriptions rather than titles. Comments welcome!

Paper on the generality objection against contextualism. I articulate an invariantist 'generality objection' that undermines the lingustic rationale for contextualism and argue, contra DeRose, that this objection is not compromised by arguments launched against it. (This has been shelfed for some years now and I am not sure I'll get back to it).

Paper on the epistemic dimension of practical rationality. I argue, contra John Hawthorne and Jason Stanley, that a warrant-approach to practical deliberation and action is more plausible than a knowledge-approach.



DISSERTATION: (UCLA, Dec. 2007): Epistemic Reasoning and the Mental. The preliminary pages that include the table of contents and an abstract are here. The entire dissertation is here.