Mikkel Gerken: CV

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PhD, Philosophy, Dec. 2007, UCLA

MA, Philosophy, Sep. 2004, University of Copenhagen

MA, Philosophy, Sep. 2003, UCLA

BA, Philosophy, Sep. 2001, University of Copenhagen

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind 

AREAS OF COMPETENCE: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Psychology.  


2016: Lektor (tenured position = associate professor), Dept. of Philosophy, University of Southern Denmark.

2013: Lecturer (tenured position = associate professor), Dept. of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh.

2013 (Fall) Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Philosophy, Stanford University.

2011 (Spring): Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Philosophy, NYU.

2008-2013: Post doc (teaching and research position), University of Copenhagen.

2008-present: Member of Arché Basic Knowledge Network.

2001-2007: Associate Teaching Fellow, UCLA.

DISSERTATION: "Epistemic Reasoning and the Mental." Committee Chair: Tyler Burge. Committee: David Kaplan, Mark Greenberg, David Dolinko (external member).


2012:              Elected member of The Young Academy under The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences.

2009:              Young Elite Researcher's Award, Danish Council for Independent Research.

2008:               Carnap Essay Prize, UCLA

2007:               Phi Beta Kappa, (International Scholars Award)

2007:               Hans Reichenbach Graduate Research Fellow

2001-07:       Chancellor's Fellowship, UCLA

2001-06:          Fulbright Fellowship

2001:                Phi Beta Kappa (declined)

1999-00:           Exchange Fellowship, University of Copenhagen-UCLA.

2012-2015:        Elected member of The Young Academy under The Royal Danish Academy of Science.

2011-present:    Board Member of The Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

2009-present:     Co-founder of Social Epistemology Research Group, University of Copenhagen.

2005-present:     Co-founder and steering committee member of Danish Epistemology Network.

2005-2007:          Co-founder of the UCLA Epistemology Workshop (now the SoCal Epistemology workshop).

2005-2007:          Co-founder and steering committee member UCLA/USC Graduate Conference in Philosophy.
2001:                    Associate Research Fellow, NAMICONA
General:       Main organizer or co-organizer of 4 major international conferences and ca. 15 one-day workshops 2005-present.
Referee:      Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Critica, dialectica, Erkenntnis, Sats, Synthese,
                            Oxford University Press, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Phenomenology and Phenomenological Research.   




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