New article: Representation and misrepresentation of knowledge. Behavioral and Brain Science.

New article: A Transcendental Argument from  Testimonial Knowledge to Content Externalism. Noûs.

Visiting position at Stanford: I'll be the William H. Bonsall Associate Professor at Stanford University in January 2020.

New article: How to balance Balanced Reporting and Reliable ReportingPhilosophical Studies.

Grant: My project 'Scientific Testimony in a Diverse Society' has been awarded ca. 700.000 USD by the Danish Research Council. It will begin in Sept. 2019 and run for two years.


Review: The first review of On Folk Epistemology: https://ndpr.nd.edu/news/on-folk-epistemology-how-we-think-and-talk-about-knowledge/

Old News
New article: Salient Alternatives in Perspective. Australasian Journal of Philosophy. with Joshua Alexander, Chad Gonnerman and John Waterman.

New paper: Public Scientific Testimony in the Scientific Image. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science A

New article: Pragmatic Encroachment and the Challenge from Epistemic Injustice. Philosophers' Imprint.

Two new articles: 
Truth-Sensitivity and Folk Epistemology. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Expert Trespassing Testimony and the Ethics of Sciencee Communication. Journal of General Philosophy of Science. 

New job: From the fall 2016, I'll be associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. My new work emailmikkel@sdu.dk

New paper: "Against knowledge-first epistemology." in Knowledge-first in epistemology and mind (eds. Carter, Gordon and Jarvis). Oxford University Press.

New paper:
"Knowledge in and out of contrast." (with James Beebe) Noûs.
New paper: Philosophical Insights and Modal Cognition. In Experimental Philosophy, Rationalism, and Naturalism, (eds. Collins, J. and Fischer, E.), London, Routledge: 110-131.

New paper: "The Epistemic Norms of Intra-Scientific Testimony." Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

Book out: My book is now available on, e.g., Amazon: Epistemic Reasoning and the Mental

Final cover small

Edinburgh: Since Sept. 2013, I've been a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.
Elected to the Young Academy: I have been elected to the Young Academy under the Royal Danish Academy of the Sciences My profile
New paper: "Outsourced Cognition." Philosophical Issues, 24 (1): 127-158.
New paper: "How to do things with knowledge ascriptions." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Stanford visit. In the fall of 2013, I will be a Visiting Scholar at Stanford.

New Article: "Same, same but different: The epistemic norms of assertion, action and practical reasoning" is now accepted by Philosophical Studies.
New Article: "The Roles of Knowledge Ascriptions in Epistemic Assessment" is now accepted by European Journal of Philosophy.

New article: "A Puzzle about Self-Representation and Causation" is now accepted by Philosophical Psychology.
OUP Anthology: Jessica Brown and I have co-edited an anthology, Knowledge Ascriptions, for Oxford University Press.

New article:
"Epistemic Focal Bias" online first in Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

New article: "Internalism and Externalism in the Epistemology of Testimony" online first in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
New article: "Discursive Justification and Skepticism" online first in Synthese.
Visiting NYU: I'll be a visiting scholar at NYU's Dept. of Philosophy Jan-May 2011.
Research prize: I have been awarded the 2009 Young Elite Researcher's Award. (Click the link for more info - in Danish, I'm afraid).
New article: "Conceptual Reasoning and Inferential Presuppositions" is forthcoming in Erkenntnis.
New article: My paper Conceptual Equivocation and Warrant by Reasoning is forthcoming in Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
New article: My paper "Warrant and Action" is now published (online first) in Synthese.