Sustainability Decathlon by LPS-SJ

What is Global Warning? 

What on earth is a Sustainability Decathlon?

It is a program ran by the University of Santa Clara.  They sent some students to our school, and we looked at the issues of making the world better.  The areas we worked on:




LPS-SJ Recycling 


Slonaker School Visit: Community Outreach


Our goal to help with Global Warming is to reach out to the public. Whether it's elementary kids, middle school students, or other high schools, we are determined to help our future by passing it down to other people. As we know, Global Warming is not a good thing to have happen to our planet. That is why we are trying our hardest to get this into other people's heads.  


The Sustainability decathlon categories we have done are the website, outreach to the community, transportation and  technology and innovation. For the website, we created a website for the program. We outreached to the community by going to a grammar school and helping little kids learn how to recycle, throw away trash and plant trees. We are making transportation more accessible for bike riders by adding bike racks. In the technology category, we are hoping to be  able to get some waterless urinals for the mens bathroom.

Leadership Public Schools - San Jose

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San Jose, CA 95122

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Teacher Advisor: John Schmidt

Team Members:

Lorenzo Caliva, Kimy Canido, Mike Garza, Leiana Leatutufu, Soledid Mireles, Maria Mendoza, Victor Siqueros, Rafael Villa, and Ivonne Zamora

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