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My Quest for the perfect CyberCafe Management Program 


These are Linux/Open Source Cybercafe / Internet Cafe management programs.  I'm looking for a cybercafe management program that is open source, with clients for Linux, LTSP, Windows, prepaid, and postpaid. 


michael howard -

Last update - Sep 15 2011

There are several Linux internet cafe managers.  Quite unfortunately, none that I know are really competitive with their commercial windows counterparts. I have not found any that are polished, well written, with sufficient features, updated, and finished, available to use.  Leading quality commercial products seem to be "Antamedia", "Cyber Cafe Pro", "SmartLaunch", "HandyCafe".  Apparently many programmers prefer to start new projects from zero, instead of continuing to advance or contribute one that's already started.  In any case, a good starting point for anyone would be to evaluate the best programs in the field, mentioned above.

Ideally, I would like one that is open source, with clients for many OS's, user accounts with credit and time management, and the ability to manage cafe/restaurant table billing.  Since I'm in Brazil, it should have a Portuguese translation.  I'm starting to place the more usable, updated and promising ones first, but at the moment they aren't in any particular order.

other lists like this. - website with discussions of cybercafe programs.

Maintained as of July 2010, most promising at the moment.
Mkahawa builds on Cafe Con Leche (CCL) - the light, ultra-fast C++ Internet Cafe Management Software for Linux and Windows. This is but a continuation of CCL.
GPL, Linux clients only. Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04. Portuguese, Spanish, English. Many features - prints receipts, prepaid, post-paid, open time, etc etc.

Main Control -
License not listed. Portuguese. Java. Has users. Active devolpment as of Feb 2010.

LanFX/LinuxFX -
Updated 30/01/2010. Linux only. Portuguese only. Not clear if it's open source, freeware, or commercial. Ubuntu. 

Open Coffee -
GPL. Spanish. Linux server and client. No win32 clients. PyQt (Python/Qt). Update 15/Feb/10 - OpenCoffee development is continuing.

CafePilot - 
GPL, Open Source, Java, Linux and Windows. Saw some people are using it, report it is working.  Has usernames.  Server and client have win and linux versions.  Updated 29-Aug-2009.

Cybera -
Updated Dec 2006, version 1.9 GPL VB6, Win2k/XP, not sure about vista or win7.  I tried version 1.9 on XP, works well.  Many languages, including Portuguese. User accounts. Very popular, lots of downloads. Works with Windows thin clients. No known attempts at porting the client to Linux.

ScanCool Lan - 
Windows based, commercial, low monthly fee, closed source. Linux clients.  User accounts.  Fingerprint readers and cash machines integration. Portuguese and English.

OSCafe -
Last updated 20-Aug-2006 - French, OpenKiosk based.  This project is not maintained since the release, version 0.9. -- "Os-Cafe is a complete solution for administrating a cybercafe running exclusively Linux . It provides preconfigured and customized management programs like openkiosk, nodeview, bigsister, and a framework for administration and a captive portal for Wifi." Updated 2007.  Portuguese. - GPL - WinXP only - Delphi/Kylix

OpenLanHouse -
GPL, Python and GTK. Updated May 2009.  English and Portuguese. 

SisLanCafe -
Brazilian Portuguese.  Source sold, site and project closed. Linux only apparently. Can't find many details on the website for it.

Zencafe -
version 2.0 Updated June 2009.  Linux distribution, based on Slackware, with some cybercafe management already installed into it - seems like the manager is CCL - Cafe Con Leche.

LanOS/LanBR -
Updated regularly. DOSemu scripts.  Linux only. Ubuntu.  LanBR is the cybercafe manager only, LanOS is a full Ubuntu distribution including the manager, games, etc.  LanBR is GPL, LanOS is commercial.  Works well with games. Support. Portuguese.

GNU Lanux -
Linux only, portuguese with some English translation. They say it runs on Linux and Windows. Last update Oct-2008, seems abandoned.

gbilling - 
Beta 2 released Aug 11 2009.  Looks good - Linux, windows, and MacOS clients, open source, still active, written in C and GTK+, SQLite - just one problem - not translated to english, I could read the site with google translate though.

OpenKiosk -
Last release April 2006. GPL. Some development towards new version since. Native on linux, sells winXP client binary for US$70. Linux client is a KDE applet.   Access by username-password credit, and prepaid ticket numbers.

Cafe Con Leche, or Cybercafe Con Linux?
Last update 23 Sept 2006. CCL has been adopted by some distributions, but apparently nobody is updating it. Native client and server for winXP, win98 and linux.  When I tried it, it was hard to install, binaries were hard to find, you might have to compile yourself. I tried it a bit, ran well, lightweight. Included in Zencafe. Installation help at

Zeiberbude -
Last update Sept 2002. Linux with linux and windows client. Saw somewhere that it doesn't work with LTSP as it relies on the client's IP numbers, which in LTSP are all server IP. Portuguese, english, German, other languages.

DireqCafe / Zybacafe / Outkafe/ -
Cybercafe manager version 5.2.3 was released on November 01, 2007.  Linux server, Linux and Windows client. Has client accounts. Works in LTSP. Written in Lazarus free pascal, using postgresql.  English original, Brazilian Portuguese translation.

CybOrg - cybercafe Organizer
Last version Sept 2003.  Program maintained by Luar, a cybercafe manager in Uruguay. Linux with windows clients. He hasn't maintained the Sourceforge version, but says he has updated the program for private use.  Uses the Zeiberbude client.

Last update October 2007, GPL, incomplete. Java php "platform independent"

PlayBilling -
Java, "platform independent". Web based interface.  Username, prepaid and postpaid modes.

KFEMate -

Macy -
Updated August 2004.  Based on phpsicafe-ii.  Windows and Linux clients, Linux server, PHP, Delphi Kylix.

DasCyberNetz -
Sencillo programa para el control de cybercafe, escrito en C++ usando el toolkit Qt y MySQL para almacenar los datos. Linux

Win32 only. English, French. Delphi-Kylix. MySql. Usernames credit.

Cycam  -
Windows, C#, spanish. CyCaM Es un gestor de cybercafes pensado para ser pequeño, rapido, flexible y eficaz.

Blue NetCafe Timer -
Java, Pre-Alpha stage. BNCTimer is a client/server software,It's a simple timer that you can control via a panel. It used in a cybercafe/internet cafe 

Netpoint -
Gnome, Linux

Visual Cybergest -
Spanish only, 20% translated to English. Closed source, commercial. Client works in Wine.  Developer says he is thinking about release the project source as GPL.  Has user accounts, products can be sold to a computer user, or a walk-in customer.

XCafe 4.0 -
Commercial windows-based program, with Linux client.

CBM - - "Control de Ciber"
Last update August 2009.  Closed source, freeware, modifies IE homepage. Simple and lightweight.  Server - Win98 or XP, but theres a Linux/Wine version, but older Client- Win98 or XP, runs on linux with WINE, there's now a native Linux version.  It's OK, but has some problems. User accounts - sometimes it complains you shouldn't use the user accounts because they don't work.  It seems they actually do.  Reports on sales work well, exports its data. Coffee and other purchases work well, calculates change, but only for postpaid, non-user-account users. Allows ordering coffee/food from computer.  No prepaid tickets.  Has occasional updates, so the author is maintaining it a little.  There's no method to locate a user's account to change his password using the program, I wrote a separate routine in Python to extract and search for users account numbers...