Free Solid Loom Knitting Adult Hat Pattern

You can opt to change colours at any point in this pattern. Just follow along with the round counts.

   Using a Standard Round Loom 36 Peg Loom - Most Good Crafting Stores and Huge Retailers will have these looms. They are usually provided in a standard package of 4 Size Looms. 

2)   Using 1 Colour of Yarn. You will need to use two strands at one time. 

3)   This is very simple and easy. 

4)   Due to the gauge (space between pegs). You need to use a minimum of 2 strands at one time. This hat in the picture is showing 3 Strands at one time. The more strands, the more inflexible the hat will be. I would highly recommend 2 strands. To get a solid colour, both strands must be the same colour while using.

The picture on the right is the same design... just rainbow. Using the solid colour will create the same knitted effect, just the colour will be one. 
Here is your written pattern. 

We are going to use the TWISTED KNIT STITCH 
during this entire project. 
  1. Decide The Starting Colour, in the picture, PURPLE is the starting colour for this. We work in order from the forehead of a hat to the top. 
  2. Create a slip knot using the 2 or 3 Strand method as described in orange above. Put onto the first peg. If you need to know how to cast on... See Video to the right for a step by step demonstration. (2nd Video Down)
  3. Cast on with Purple (or your colour of choice). 1 complete cast on counts as 1 round. 
  4. Now circle the loom using the TWISTED KNIT STITCH style for 10 Rounds. 
  5. Fold In Half to make the Brim. If you need to know how to create the brim... See Video to the right for a step by step demonstration. (3rd Video Down). 
  6. Always Change Colours at the Knob Point Of The Ring. 
  7. Keep The Colour The Same and knit around the ring 28 times.
  8. Cast off the ring. See video if you need help doing so. It's the final video on the bottom right.
  • Don't be scared to change the colour at any time. If you want to create rings of colour or whatever. Just follow along and keep the counts of the 28 the same. 

Solid Colour Adult Hat Pattern

Casting On Twisted Knit Stitch

Make A Brim

Casting Off