New Born Elf Hat Loom Pattern - Designed By Michael Sellick

   Using a Standard Round Loom 31 Peg Loom - Most Good Crafting Stores and Huge Retailers will have these looms. They are usually provided in a standard package of 4 Size Looms. 

2)   Using 3 Colours of Yarn. White, Green and Eyelash yarn. Ensure each colour is in the same family of brightness and colour tones. Yarn used was Bernat 4 Ply Worsted. 

3)   This is very simple and easy. 

4)   Due to the gauge (space between pegs). You need to wrap each row twice. You can either wrap two same colour yarns together at one time, or simple double wrap (going around the loom twice for each row). 1 Wrap or 1 String will produce crappy results and a very loose look that is sloppy looking.
Here is your written pattern. 

We are going to use the TWISTED KNIT STITCH 
during this entire project.
Numbers in front of each description represents rows. I divide the project into two. You are creating the brim in part 1, then body in part 2

Starting With The Brim Creation 
  1. Cast On Using White & Eye Lash Yarn. E-WRAP every peg and circle the loom twice to complete 1 row of work, then KNIT. This doubles up the yarn producing store quality looks and texture. 
  2. Wrap twice, then knit.
  3. Wrap twice, then knit.
  4. Wrap twice, then knit.
  5. Wrap twice, then knit.
  6. Wrap twice, then knit.
  7. Wrap twice, then knit.
  8. Wrap twice, then knit.
  9. Wrap twice, then knit. TIE OFF BOTH onto the last peg. 
  10. Tie on GREEN YARN on the starting peg of the rotation. E-Wrap entire loom ONLY ONCE. Then look at project, follow knitting line down from the peg, fold up and place the very bottom of the corresponding section onto the peg. At this time you will have 2 strings from the white on the peg, 1 string from GREEN, and then 2 white strings from the bottom of the work due to the folding up. KNIT over the peg sending the GREEN YARN OVER FIRST, FOLLOWED BY the two bottom WHITE YARN SECOND. This will leave on the pegs the bottom sections that were placed onto the peg. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU GO IN THE ORDER AS MENTIONED... if you change up the order, the brim seam will look different for each knitted peg. 
The Body of The Hat
  1. Using GREEN, E-WRAP Loom Twice, Then Knit.
  2. repeat
  3. repeat
  4. repeat
  5. repeat
  6. repeat
  7. repeat
  8. repeat
  9. repeat
  10. repeat
  11. repeat
  12. repeat
  13. Cast Off Using Sewing Needle picking up each loop sliding the needle from the bottom of the peg up under the loop and sliding loop onto the string. Picking up all the loops as you go. Once all loops are picked up, loom will come free of project. pull string tight which causes the top of the hat to form. Sew shut with 3 really tight loops over the top of the hat... then slide needle through the top of the project. Turn hat inside out and tie string off.
I would decorate the green with something festive or leave as is. 

   Thanks and hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This is super easy to teach a child or for your own fun. 

                        Michael Sellick - Creator of Mikeysmail