Hunnie Pot Hats - Free Crochet Pattern

Using A K Hook.
1/2 Skien - Regular 4 ply Bernat or Redheart Wool.
1 Small Skien Of 1/2" Eye Lash Yarn or Bernat or Redheart Yarn
HDC - Half Double Crochet
NOTE: This hat is slightly smaller diameter wise than the Mikeyssmail Signature Hat
Here is the pattern, this pattern will take about 3 hours to complete.
  1. Chain 2
  2. HDC 12 times into the first Chain, to create a full circle. Mark the start and end of the circle with a crochet marker or other marking device. This is essential to understand your rotation counts.
  3. FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD UNTIL I TELL YOU. You HDC into the backloops only. This will cause the pattern to have a beautiful line in your pattern.
  4. You will not slip stitch. but continue to the next stitch like you were going in a spiral. I refer to this as GOING OVER the previous circle. Crochet 2 HDC into each stitch as you go once a round. This will cause the 12 Stitches to double to 24.
  5. When we get to the brim. We will bring the circles back into alignment. The brim is going to cover the never ending circle look.
  6. GO OVER, HDC into the 1st stitch, then 2 HDC into the next stitch. Repeat this 1 - 1 Ratio all the way round the circle.
  7. GO OVER, HDC into the 1st 2 stitches, then 2 HDC into the next stitch. Repeat this 2 - 1 Ratio all the way round.
  8. GO OVER, HDC into the 1st 3 stitches, then 2 HDC into the next stitch. Repeat this 3 -1 Ratio all the way round.
  9. GO OVER and put 1 HDC into each stitch. You will continue to circle 11 times. Each time you pass the starting point, write down until you have done 11 rows. This pattern is very easy to tell without having to write down which lines you have done. Simply count each ring. 
  10. GO OVER but add the secondary colour along with the original colour and HDC into each stitch - circle once (with eye lash yarn, it is difficult to see the front and back loops. Just crochet normally using both loops. BUT you will change the HDC on the final 3 stitches to slip stitches. The slip stitching brings the spiral effect back into balance. You will be using 2 strings at the same time. The secondary yarn is the eye lash yarn in my tutorial. IF YOU WANT THE SAME COLOUR, add a secondary yarn strand to your work now. If you want a completely different colour like the picture beside. Fasten off the first colour, then add two strands of other colours of your choice. 
  11. CHAIN UP 1, to create the a permanent fold for the brim. You will now Single Crochet into the FRONT LOOPS ONLY for this round. You will slip stitch at the end of the round. If you don't want a permanent fold. DO NOT DO THIS. JUST CONTINUE ALONG... be cautioned though... the fold gives a beautiful even effect.
  12. Chain Up 1, Single Crochet into both loops all the way round. At the end, slip stitch between each round. Building up 1 chains as you start the next row. You will do this 6 times.
  13. You are done, Fasten off, Tie, and Weave Straggler into hat.
   Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this pattern.

    Hunnie Pot Hats

    Diva Dan's Hat Is Slightly Smaller than the

    Diva Dan prefers a tighter beanie style hat. He says it's a great hat for the coldness. The doubled yarn brim prevents air from flowing through. This hat really form fits to a head. 

    I would classify this bad boy as a beanie hat with a stiff brim. 

    You can use Regular yarn instead of the eyelash yarn for the brim. It will give an entirely different look to your design. You are the artist, so you decide what is best for you.

    Doubling up on the Bernat or Redheart Yarn will cause the brim be stiff and rigid. Depending on what you are going for. This may suit your desires.

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