Simultaneous Stanza Reader

SSReader is a
 free, large font reader for OS X that speaks text files 
aloud and displays the text stanza-after-stanza, simultaneously.             --            See a demonstration!
Although this reader was created to assist those with visual impairments,
it can be used by anyone.  This program works reads any 
text file, including those from:  Project Gutenberg

Binaries and source code can be obtained absolutely for free from:

Google Code SSReader

Simultaneous Stanza Reader only runs on a Mac desktop or laptop - not on an iPhone.

Simultaneous Stanza Reader is NOT affiliated with Lexcycle's excellent, 

leading software product Stanza Reader

SSReader was created in 2009 by Mikey Bee and Ben Waldie.  See a demonstration!     
Please feel free to use, build, enhance, and distribute this project for 
the benefit of the visually impaired - and everyone else too!

Mikey Bee can be reached via email at 

Ben Waldie can be reached via email at

Ben Waldie
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