THE DEAD WERE BACK...They had been returning for over four years. Once the screaming stopped, people began to deal with it...

Welcome to The Infestation where life goes on no matter what. Jim Campbell, your average burned-out ex-cop, is hired to find the cause of The Infestation. As to be expected, there's more to it than the movies and TV news would have you believe. Teaming up with a discredited scientist and a pair of bickering zombie exterminators, Campbell uncovers a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the mere nuisence of the walking dead. Cover-ups, corporate corruption and Godcorp, the world's most powerful conglomeration. Like any other day, the zombies are the least of the problems...

Based on the award-winning independent film from Happy Cloud Pictures, The Resurrection Game is a fast-paced "zombie-noir", revised and expanded for this special LIBRARY OF THE LIVING DEAD PRESS edition.

Cover by Romik Safarian

"THE RESURRECTION GAME is a killer of a zombie novel that
combines a lot of bloody action with intelligent dialogue and solid
storytelling. I read it in a couple of sittings and wanted more."

– JONATHAN MABERRY, NY Times Bestseller and
Multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of
Rot & Ruin, The Dragon Factory
and Zombie CSU

"Mike Watt uses razor sharp wit to eviscerate the zombie genre,
corporate religion, and political incompetence in The Resurrection Game,
a gory horror novel that demonstrates it's best to stop worrying and
learn to love the dead."

- Gregory Lamberson, author of
Personal Demons
and The Frenzy Way

“Do not let the presence of the living dead fool you,
The Resurrection Game is not your traditional zombie tale…
but rather a cross-genre triumph. Melding detective noir,
Orwellian dystopia, and visceral horror,author Mike Watt has
created a piece that is wholly original and startlingly fresh.
Engrossing, unique, and fun.”

– Michael Varrati, Ultra Violent Magazine

"The book begins as all zombie movies should, with a tribute to Romero's
classic zombie stumbling up the cemetary hillside scene. From there,
The Resurrection Game, quickly comes into its own; a modern day political
fable using satirical fun, blood and gore. I don't want to give anything away,
but you really have to read this book, if for nothing else than the fetish nun
and her brand of S/M marriage counseling!"

-- Thuong Mong Ha, Time of the Fairies

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