The Incomplete Works of Mike Watt:
A Massive Tome of Ego, Balls and Vanity

 - VOL. 1

Introduction by (The Bassist) Mike Watt!

Filmmaker. Journalist. Screnwriter. Film geek. Irrepressible curmudgeon. He's been called "insightful", "enlightening" and "highly entertaining". Academy Award Winner(tm) Jon Voight called him "a very dangerous man". He's also been called "judgmental", and an "egomaniacal monster"-and at least one internet-user accused him of being a criminal. Now, for your reading delight and amusement, five years worth of Watt's articles, essays and random thoughts, ripped from his online and print columns "Random Acts of Mike Watt" and "The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth", are collected for the first time in this handsome thing made of actual paper. And you can decide for yourself which of those above descriptions are true and what other adjectives should be applied to him. (We'd like to recommend "pluperfect", "opaque" and "low sodium".)

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