Michael Apice's Europa's angel's story

From award-winning artist Michael Apice and writer Mike Watt comes the first in a series of tales dealing with redemption, damnation and eternal salvation.

 Europa... her name means "Heaven's Smile and Earth's Cry". She was one of His favorite angels, and she's been sent to us. Her mission is to "minister to the sick", to help those of us who truly need it. Those of us who are beyond human help.

 But her mission will not be easy.

 The First of the Fallen is at her side, has taken the form of a woman and the taunting name of "Patience". And she wants Europa to see us as she does: a mistake.

 What does it mean to be human?

 What does it mean to be an angel?

Artist Michael Apice’s iconic angels are brought to life in this handsome novella, illustrated by the creator and written by Mike Watt (Phobophobia, The Resurrection Game). Intended for audiences of any faith, and particularly for fans of dark fantasy, Europa’s Cry…An Angel’s Tale, looks at humanity from the point of view of a celestial being who once fought for our creation, but has no understanding of what it means to be human. This novel chronicles her first step towards that understanding.

"I just read Europa's cry from cover to cover and only wish it were longer.
The characters were real even though they're angels. The writing is very
descriptive and I got a vivid sense of being in their reality.  I have heard
there will be future installments of this work and hope it's true."

-- Amazon Reader Review


Autographed by Mike Watt

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