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I am a technical artist with extensive development experience and a wide foundation in traditional arts.  I offer a T-shaped skillset: Consisting of a broad lateral range of experience in interactive prototyping/conceptual mock ups, and a deep vertical drill in the character pipeline domain(shader, modeling, rigging, animation and texturing), .

    CODE : Mix of JavaScript, Python, MEL, CGFX, HLSL, ActionScript, Scheme, Objective-C, and C#.  
    • Prototyped GLSL shaders, OpenGL viewer, interactive UI and mini-games.
    • Implemented plug-in to preview and export Wii Shaders. 
    • Built a wide variety of import/export/workflow tools 
    • Approximate technical depth of a Junior Programmer.
    ART    : Wide foundation in traditional art and familiar with the complete concept, modeling, texturing, and animation pipeline.  
My goal is to move the needle forward by resolving production issues.  With art.  And code. Please feel free to contact me for further references and details.

Professional Experience

MICROSOFT - Technical Artist (2011)

SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT - Technical Artist (2010)

Playstation 3 FPS MMORPG. Shader development and production tool development. 

NINTENDO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT - Technical Artist (September 1999 - October 2009)

Nintendo Technology Development is a research and engineering arm that handles platform level development.

During GameCube development, I built assets for the SDK demos, and examples for GX graphics library and the Character Pipeline.  I contributed to creating conventions such as utilizing the z-component in the UV channels for vertex alpha (when native support wasn't available) and naming schemes for texture files to signal how they would be compressed.  Additionally, I documented technical art workflows and features.

During Wii development, I built UI prototypes and mock-ups for exploratory projects, writing shaders and documenting reports.  A major achievement is building an XSI plug-in for artists to directly play with and export Wii shader state.

BLACK OPS ENTERTAINMENT - Game Artist (July 1999 - October 1999)

Production artist on the Playstation version of the James Bond "Tomorrow Never Dies" game.  Responsibilities included modeling low and high face characters as well as texture and pixel pushing. 

7TH LEVEL - Game Artist (1997- 1999)

Worked on Raymond E. Feist's : Return To Krondor.  This was an rpg similar to Final Fantasy VII, in that it utilized pre-rendered backgrounds and real-time polygonal characters.

Instrumental in working with the art director and technology lead on setting up the character pipeline.  A notable achievement was helping to implement the vertex deformation/skinning feature.  At the time, skinning wasn't yet natively supported in 3DStudio: we ended up brewing up a convention based on text tags to identify and export the deformable vertices set. 

Modeled and textured ~80% of the human in game characters.  An interesting aspect about our exporter was that planar quads were stripped.  When constructed meticulously, artists could leverage this to increase the vertex to face ratio.  My models on average exported ~80% quads, and my discoveries were spread amongst the team. 

Mike Ton,
Sep 18, 2009, 5:43 PM