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about me: When I prepared for the USMLE just over a month ago, I drew from multiple sources that were available to me but things just weren't sticking in my brain. Sometimes I needed to study alone, sometimes I needed a study partner, and sometimes I really wished I could just talk to someone who had been through it recently. I can offer you just that; an alternative route to board prep.

what I offer: I can't be everything you need to do great on Step 1. I don't claim to have a PhD in any area and I have not yet reached any level of fame or notoriety, but I can guarantee you this: A 3rd year med student that just ripped the boards a new one and wants to help you do the same.

My blog and my tutoring style are focused with the following statement in mind, "Maybe this time it will stick ". Throughout my blog I point out concepts that were emphasized to me when I prepared for the boards as well as those I created myself to improve the quality of information I retained. This way the concepts can be accessible by you on test day.

Sometimes my approach is unorthodox and I admit that I would be a little embarrassed if any of my professors read my blog, but I'm not doing this to impress them. I'm just doing this because I actually enjoy the material (to a certain degree), and I don't want to forget the material I learned.

details: Tutoring and personalized advice can be done in person if you live in the NY metropolitan area including Long Island or via email, phone, webcam, etc if you're further away.