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Entourage into gmail or Entourage into Google Apps Email 

I found a way to move my Entourage emails into gmail--into Google Apps email really.

A simple Applescript script using redirects will do it.

1. Paste the following code into your Applescript "Script Editor.app". The Script Editor comes with OS X and is found in your applications folder.


property redirectAddress : "myaddress@mydomain.com.test-google-a.com"
tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set theMessages to get current messages
    set theMessages to redirect theMessages to redirectAddress without opening window
    send theMessages
end tell


(Note: Be sure you change the "redirectAddress" to your address; the address to which you intend to send.)

2. Turn off any scheduled "Send & Receive" items in Entourage. They're under Tools-->Run Schedule-->Edit Schedule...just uncheck the "Enabled" boxes. Also make sure your "Drafts" folder and "Outbox" are empty. Move stuff into a temporary new folder if you have to.

3. Pick the "Inbox", "Sent" folder, or any folder in Entourage and sort the messages so that your oldest messages are first.  This is so your oldest messages are sent first, as Google puts a time stamp on incoming email.

4. Select the messages you want to redirect. I did up to 550 at a time. I'm not sure where the upper limit is, if there is one.

With my computer and memory, after hitting "Run" in the Applescript script editor, I had to wait maybe a minute or two for the script to work. Don't touch anything. It's working. (Hint: Do just 5 or 10 messages first to get a feel for how things work.) For some reason, your selected messages will first show up in your "Drafts" folder. Again, wait for a minute or so while the script works.  The messages will all move to the "Outbox" and will be sent out automatically from there.

If your "Sent" messages have CC's or BCC's they might be resent. Mine were, but I didn't have many. There is a way to disable this with Applescript commands I think but I am not a programmer.

Resources I Found Useful

http://macscripter.net/app_dictionaries/dictionary/241_0_1_38_C/  - for Entourage specific Applescript terms.

http://www.mactech.com/vba-transition-guide/ - Has Applescript help for Microsoft Office for Mac. There is an Entourage chapter. 

I didn't use the following program, but it ought to be useful if your ISP won't let you send email in batches. It's called RapidoSMTP  http://www.app4mac.com/

Please feel free to re-post this script and instructions where people can improve upon it. 

I thought moving my emails out of Entourage and into gmail seemed impossible. It's not. It takes time, but this script works. I moved over 5,000 emails without a hitch. Good luck.


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