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As a Naturally Gifted Provider of Wellness registered in The Healing Hands networking group, I have literally changed the path of Many Peoples' discomfort by simple, Naturally Intuitive Techniques directed at the Source of a Persons' Unconfortable Sensations that they experience.  It has long been known that this type of approach to wellness exists, as evidenced by the quote “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame," ... "in the cause and prevention of disease.” (Thomas A. Edison)
Today, More and More People are becoming discouraged with Some of Today's Approaches at Healing.  The Body Heals itself, in ALL Cases, and what I, and others do is, quite literally, let the Body do so.  Properly addressing Discomforting Processes in the Body is Easily, Painlessly and Unerringly Inutitive and Completely Effective, with the Body Healing ITSELF the main frocus.  While the Public at Large is Unaware of a Focus that Involves a Natural Healing Process ALREADY In Our Bodies, and the EASY WAY this is accomplished, A Community of People that do other techniques will immediately attempt to discount this ability, all to the denial of evidence by the MANY people WORLDWIDE that HAVE Regained Complete Wellness 'All By Self', with the Simple Touch of such hands as many have as a Way to achieve this.  Properly addressing some discomfort May be thought of as relieving some pain, like those we do ourselves, by rubbing, or other form of touching....like when we Bump our heads, for example!
This is not a massage, pressure point, reflexology, homeopathy, channelling, mystical art or ANYTHING LIKE THAT! 
It is simply using our Natural Ability, which we all have in Varying Measure, to help one another get past the discomfort to allow the Incredible Processes of the Body to literally Spontaneously Start a Permanent-Healing-Itself state as regards any Specific Need to do so!
IT IS NO SECRET that we have Nerves that carry Electrical Impulses to areas of our bodies.
It is also NO SECRET that we can affect the Flow of these Electrical Circuits by mispositioning, injury, etc.  A Grand and Simple example can be called to mind when one of our Limbs fall asleep, and it feels Very Electric!
In the Case of Injury, and even certain Illnesses, we can easily understand how it feels not so 'Like it regularly does', and that the muscles around an injured area and in the area itself, are affected, as in the case of a sprain or twisting injury of a Joint.
This also leads to the understanding that the nerves, similarly affected, as in the case of such injuries, can facilitate a way through which we have further discomfort. 
Simply removing the Pain DOES NOT Mean you are healed.  This is evidenced by the re-taking over and over and over of medicines such as those available over the counter (AND NOT) for whatever ails you.  While it is nice to have such ails temporarily relieved, I myself is of the belief that a Permanent Relief is Better.......ESPECIALLY if it DOES NOT involve a Lengthy Recovery period.
Most ails such as those described above Do Not.
So Look around, and let me know what I can do to help whatever you have going on now in terms of care for what ails you!