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My name is Mike Vance, and I am an amateur magician in Greenwood, IN. I offer proofreading/copy-editing services, and will eventually be doing some magic shows for volunteer/charitable organizations. Please check out the links at left for more information.

If you are a magician in the area, please email me!


Stephen Minch - "Mike Vance is one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable proofreaders..."

Andi Gladwin - "Mike Vance is one of Vanishing Inc.'s secret weapons..."

Richard Webster - "I wouldn't dream of producing a book...without Mike Vance's help."

Gabe Fajuri - "Mike makes books better. He's sharp-eyed, on time, and right on the money."

Joshua Jay - "...He reads all my work before I publish."

Peter Duffie - "...if you want to be seen as a good writer, get Mike Vance to proofread your next book."

Martin Breese - "...Mike Vance is fast, efficient, dedicated and brilliant!...I am truly grateful for the work he has done for me."

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