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Key for the identification of British Dryopidae

This small family of water beetles is represented in the UK by two genera and nine species.  The eight species of genus Dryops are very difficult to separate.  Friday (1988) stated that the separation of these species depends on the form of the genitalia.  Dr Lompe (2012) published a key in German at http://www.coleo-net.de/coleo/texte/dryops.htm which uses external features of the beetles and is based on work by A.W. Steffan and M.A. Jäch.  I have translated the relevant parts of the key for the UK fauna.  The last page has the male genitalia of the eight species of Dryops for comparison.  Please let me know if you have success with this key and if you have suggestions for improvements.  Many thanks to Garth Foster who gave some helpful comments on status and distribution which have been added to the key.  He suggests that features of the female genital tract may be useful for identification of females.

Mike Hackston,
14 Feb 2015, 06:57