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Bird Trax for Berks Area


The gadget spec URL could not be found

Installation information
To install in a Google Sites PAge: put the following code in a new google gadget (by URL) and then input the set-up information!
https://birdtrax-explorer.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/birdtrax.xml  (Updated code URL on l 11/30/2013)

See Birdventure for more information

The following Are the settings for the Bird Tracks Gadget above:

Gadget settings
Lat-Lng Point:*40.446853,-75.931828
Coverage Radius (km):* 40 km
Look back:* 1 month
Location Name:* Berks County
County: Berks
State/Province:* Pennsylvania
Country:* United States
Range* County
Default view:* Sightings
Show spuhs?*unchecked
Show picture?*unchecked
Hide Navigation Menu?*unchecked
Show/hide entered species?* hide (to hide the following common species
Enter species (comma-separated) European starling, House sparrow, Rock Pigeon

* required