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 The shortcut link to this page is www.sg.sg/ebirdberks  
Birds in Berks County, PA eBird's gateway includes: Recent Checklists, County Totals, Locations and Hot Spots and more!

  • with Explore Places you can see what's happening birdwise anywhere in the county, state or a country and exactly where to go to look for them in your area or when you are on vacation. 
Berks County Summaries                      (Previous years links are here

    • Links to the Four letter Alpha codes you can use for eBird Entry
    • 11/17/2014 eBirdTargets -beta - Find target species!
    • 4/20/2014 Wind maps EARTH   - use this new map site to see if the winds will bring us migrants! (click on the rectangle that says [EARTH] to advance the date and change other settings.)  This is also linked from the Radar Migration Page.

                 Winter Hummingbirds in the Eastern USA

          Past years record summaries    it is not to late to add more if you have written records with locations and dates!) 
               Berks County Records for 2019 (see above links)
              Berks County Records for 2016
              Berks County records for 2015
              Berks County records for 2014