x11vnc for Nokia 770, N800 and N810

Tips for users of x11vnc on the Nokia 770, N800 and N810 Internet Tablets.

Michael Saunby [mike.saunby.net] November 2006. Revised 01 December 2007.

N800 USB host 

ooRexx for Nokia 770, N800 and N810 

TrueCrypt for N800 and N810 


 For OS2006 (770) and OS2007 (N800) the package is x11vnc_0.8-3_armel.deb

 For OS2008 (N800 and N810) the package is x11vnc_0.9.3-1_armel.deb 


This initial release for the Nokia Internet Tablets provides no security whatsoever! Password files and other means of protection are implemented in x11vnc, it's just that I've not provided a means of using them.


X11vnc allow you to use another computer to control your Internet Tablet. Keyboard and mouse (or stylus) input, and screen output, are delivered over a network connection.


This is a port of x11vnc to the Nokia Internet Tablets. It works, but only has a menu item to start/stop it. The x11vnc website is at www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/ where you will find an excellent FAQ.


Save the file _armel.deb to memory card. Then using Application Installer in Control panel install the package.  To install on the N800 or N810 'red pill' mode is required.

If the package installs correctly you should find x11vnc in the Extras menu.


To use X11vnc you'll also need VNC viewer (client) software installed on another computer.

Select the x11vnc menu item from the Extras menu. There is no dialog and selecting the menu item again will shut down the VNC server. (I know this isn't ideal).

To connect to your Internet Tablet you will need to know its IP address. To find this open the Connection manager and select Internet connection > IP address from the menu. Tip - you may find it easier to use a fixed IP address.

The port number for connections is 5900.

 There's a nice step by step guide here  Setting Up Nokia N800 for VNC Access Using `x11vnc`


Although x11nvc opens the default network connection automatically, it may be necessary to start a network client application, e.g. the browser, to gain a full network connection. Once you have a connection close the browser and everything should be fine.

When x11vnc is launched the file /tmp/xllvnc.pid is created, and deleted when it is shut down. Check for this file if you are unsure if the server is running and/or run top in Xterm if you have it installed. Another file /tmp/xllvnc.log has the diagnostic output from x11vnc from the current, or most recent, session.

The Nokia tablets have a rather different X11 user interface from the more usual workstation so to get proper control of a tablet from a PC or workstation read these notes - How to use x11vnc to drive the N800 from a PC


The source package and other files: