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Mike's Free Artemis Missions

Descriptions of Mike's Free Mission Scripts

posted Jun 17, 2011, 8:12 AM by Mike Substelny   [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 2:44 PM ]

Complete Free Artemis Missions for your amusement:

"Havoc in the Hamak Sector" for Artemis 2.0 updated 1-28-2014

by Mike Substelny
Artemis investigates a mysterious ship.
Artemis is assigned to investigate strange tachyon readings from the gigantic Hamak Nebula. Along the way they meet Admiral Weeks, a pennypinching profiteer who wants to stay as far as possible from the front lines, and Captain Amelia Haynes, a blood-and-guts warrior who is bored with science missions and wants to prove herself in combat. But the nebula's eerie glow hides a terrible secret that could change the course of the war. There is plenty of action to keep your full crew busy as Artemis races solve the mystery before the Torgoth flag is flying over Earth. Recommended for a full crew of six.

Note that every station needs a copy of the mission script folder.

Artemis surrounded by deadly enemies!
"Party Crashers" for Artemis 1.7x 
Created by a team at Notacon 9. Updated 5-22-2013
Artemis leads a rescue convoy into a sector where ships have been disappearing for months. The convoy includes starship Jenkins, the sole survivor from all of Earth's most disastrous defeats. What will happen when "the luckiest ship in the fleet" goes into the sector where no one gets out alive?

"Attract Mode"  (Click here to download)
by Mike Substelny                                Updated 5-22-2013
Got a spiffy Artemis bridge setup that looks flat and boring when there's no one playing? Me too. That's why I wrote "Attract Mode." This mission script constantly creates enemy and friendly ships, bases, black holes, anomalies, etc. If something gets too far away the script brings it closer so there is always something interesting on the main screen. The script also keeps Artemis replenished with weapons and energy so she can cruise forever and fire any time you like. Just launch in difficulty one, put Artemis into a gentle turn to starboard, set Warp Factor one, and walk away. All five stations and the main screen will look busy all day long. Crank up the difficulty and a single player can use it to practice operating any station. Suitable for zero to six players.

All of the Mission Scripts below will not work with Artemis 1.6 or later. Please be patient while I update them. - M.S.

"The Pegasus Passage" solo mission for Artemis 1.55 (Click here to download)
by Mike Substelny
A Kralean war fleet ambushed an unarmed Earth convoy and chased them into the Delta Pegasi system. The desperate survivors escaped into the null gravity zone between four black holes. Unable to pursue, the Kraleans filled the sector with mines and left them to die. Low on food and fuel, two thousand humans will soon perish unless Artemis can make it through the minefield and pull their ships to safety with a tractor beam.  Intended as a challenging obstacle course for Helm only, at higher skill levels you may also need an Engineer, Science Officer, and a Captain.

"Truce or Consequences" for Artemis 1.55 (Click here to download)
by Mike Substelny
Voyage beyond the edge of the sector and fight a Skaraan ship that's tougher than the Artemis! Along the way you can rescue an Argonian princess, defeat an evil madman, plunge out of control into a super black hole, or turn your weapons against the ships of Earthfleet. This mission has two ways to win: if you rescue the princess your crew is hailed as heroes, but if the princess dies the Argonians will blame Artemis and you must destroy the combined fleets of Argonia and Earth. Recommended for a full crew of six.

"Shakedown" for Artemis 1.46 (Click here to download)
by Mike Substelny and Dylan Lathrum
Welcome to the Earth Fleet Proving Grounds, where the C.A.L. 9000 computer will put your crew through a series of increasingly difficult exercises. While it is not an "adventure" per se, SHAKEDOWN is a good way for a crew to practice fighting and learn the nuances of the Kraliens, Argonians, Torgoths, and Skaraans. Suitable for four to six players.

Coming Soon:

"Catch 22.1"
This sequel to "Havoc in the Hamak Sector" sends Artemis many places where no Earth ship has gone before. You'll get to trade with the Kraliens, stage a fake battle, and win the Earthfleet Medal of Honor, all in the name of profits. Check your patriotism at the airlock when you play this darkly humorous epic adventure.

"The Doomsday Deception" (by Mike Substelny and Dylan Lathrum)
A biological condition dubbed "the berserkery" is sweeping the Skaraan population, turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. Earth's scientists believe they can cure "the berserkery" but Earthfleet command has another idea - they will use the promised cure to lure the Skaraans into a trap. Under a flag of truce Artemis must enter the Skaraan's mightiest stronghold and unleash a barrage of limitless nukes. If Artemis succeeds the Skaraan race will be exterminated, but if Artemis fails the Skaraans will use their newfound violence to wipe out the human race.

"A Choice of Wars"
Long before first contact, ancient radio transmissions told us that two warlike races called the Kraleins and the Torgoths once fought an epic war near Deneb Algedi. The newly commissioned Starship Artemis is dispatched to this remote sector  with orders to make peaceful contact. What will Artemius find at this lonesome outpost? Are the Kraliens and Torgoths still fighting against each other? Can Artemis convince one or both races to welcome the people of Earth with open appendages? Or are both of their fleets even now massing for a sneak attack, laying a deadly trap guaranteed to crush this invading species called the human race?

"No Bed of Roses"
Earth Fleet has a new secret weapon, a super-intelligent battle computer named RINGO, and Artemis is assigned to escort RINGO on his first combat mission. But the Skaraans have already broken the Earth codes and prepared a trap to capture RINGO and use him for their own sinister purposes. Can RINGO and the Artemis crew improvise a new code and fight their way out of the trap? This tongue-in-cheek adventure features lots of rocking audio for your Communications Officer. There will be no text-only version of this mission.

"Jaze' Un and the Artemisnauts"
Planet Earth is doomed. The Earth fleet, beaten to a pulp by years of constant war, cannot hold out against the massive armadas of enemy dreadnoughts closing in from all directions. But there is one glimmer of hope: the new starship Artemis, with its warp drive and long-range weapons, might be able to fight its way through the hordes of enemies to the faraway Colchis Nebula. This sector holds the promise of a secret weapon so powerful that it could turn the tide of the war and save all life on Earth. Spanning numerous mission scripts released over the course of several weeks, this epic adventure will keep your crew at Red Alert for countless hours.

"Every Purpose Under Heaven"
Artemis is loosing a tough battle against overwhelming odds when a miracle occurs: a time rift opens on the battlefield and two Earth ships from the future appear, wielding weapons of incredible power. But instead of aiding Artemis, the future ships open fire against each other. This adventure, loaded with critical action for your Science and Communications Officers, allows Artemis to travel through time, fight pitched battles against a vastly superior starship, and possibly change the course of human history starting from the year 1976.

"Day of the Gods"
On a routine war patrol Artemis encounters a Kralien squadron that has apparently mutinied. Captain Epteg of the Kralien flagship explains that a Torgoth admiral ordered him to commit an unforgivable sin against the Kralien gods. Earth Fleet Command orders Artemis to welcome these Kraliens into the fold, but suspicions arise as Epteg's story doesn't jibe with our scant knowledge of the Kralien religion. In this demanding adventure for six players, the Artemis crew must learn to tell non-human quirkiness from genuine deception, while respecting the customs of their perplexing new allies.

"The Sirius Feint"
Earth Fleet Command has planned a major assault in the Rigel sector, but they've planted fake intelligence indicating that the attack will come in the Sirius sector. Only one ship can be spared to make the fake intelligence look real - - - and Artemis has volunteered. Operating deep in enemy territory with no bases or help, your crew must wreak as much destruction as possible on a vastly superior enemy force. Can you fool the enemy into believing that your single ship is a whole fleet? For this mission Artemis is considered expendable.

"Eyes of a Buzzard"
The Argonians have deployed a new sensor system on outposts stretching across The Front. Earth Fleet Intelligence believes these "buzzards" can watch the movements of every ship we've got, all the way back to Earth, even if that ship is cloaked. Working with an Argonian double-agent, Artemis must penetrate into enemy territory, capture one of the buzzards, and bring it back intact. But how can your secret mission possibly succeed if the enemy can watch your every move? This stealthy adventure will challenge an entire crew of six.

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