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Michael John (Mike) Sadler (1922-2002) was born in Lourenço Marques (Maputo), Moçambique, to Methodist missionary parents and educated at Kingswood College, in Grahamstown, South Africa.

He wrote all through his life but some of the manuscripts were not unveiled until after his death, and have been carefully published

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David and Jonathan

A deep and spiritual novel about the relationship between two men, in one country, and on either side of the racial divide

(written in the 1950s)

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"More than Cheese for Supper"

A selection of Anti-Apartheid Short StoriesWritten in the 1950s-1970s

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In 1939, aged 17, he volunteered to serve with the South African Artillery as a signaller. He saw action in North Africa, was captured at Tobruk and spent three years as a Prisoner of War in Italy and Austria. His experiences provided him with recollections and stories with which he regaled his children, grandchildren and students in countless English and History classes.

After World War II, Mike studied to become a teacher at Natal University in Pietermaritzburg, teaching for several years at the Lovedale Mission in Alice. Following the passing of the 1953 Bantu Education Act in South Africa, he joined the British Overseas Civil Service in Northern Rhodesia. He served as an Education Officer for the ‘bush’ schools and a college lecturer on the Copperbelt ending up as the founding principal of Mufulira Teacher Training College.

Following Zambian independence in 1964, and after a short spell at Waterford School in Swaziland, Mike returned to Grahamstown teaching first at Graeme College and later at Grahamstown Teacher Training College. In 1977 he emigrated to England and served as manager of the Missions to Seamen Flying Angel Club, at the National Sea School at Gravesend.

On retirement he began writing English Language textbooks aimed at an African audience together with a series of novels written to appeal to young non-English-speaking readers with limited vocabularies.

Eventually, he published ‘The War Story of Soldier 124280’.


"The War Story of Soldier 124280"

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"History is the essence of innumerable biographies" (Thomas Carlyle)

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Books, Stories and Writings by Mike Sadler

The Lonely Stranger Perhaps his most popular work with its "Wild West" theme and strong moral sensibilities. The Lonely Stranger has sold many thousands of copies, and been translated to a number of languages including Xhosa and Zulu.

"'We want to make friends.', says Big Bull to the people of Lithakong. But Fani does not trust Big Bull and his Warriors. What do they really want ? Does the mysterious man dressed in black have the answer ?"

The Lonely Stranger: Amazon Link

The Lonely Stranger: Google Books Link

Some of his other writings. Click on the images to find out more

Saved from the Sea

Written under the name of Mikele Qanela (which is "Mike Sadler" in Xhosa ) this sailing adventure has action, romance and mystery all in one thrilling story.

Note: This book is out of print

Saved from the Sea: Amazon Link

The Lovers of Lapula

" Violence threatens to destroy the relationship between Nomalanga, young, rich and beautiful, and Themba, who grew up on the wrong side of the town."

with larger-than-life characters, plot and storyline.

"Nani and Hammer live in Motsani Game Park in Botswana. When their cousin, Shakespear, visits them from Soweto their adventures begin. Poachers are killing animals in the park. Can the boy from the city help to trap them"

Mystery of Mister E: Amazon Link

Mystery of Mister E: Google Books Link

The Secret Valley Full of intrigue and suspense, this nail-biting story unfolds. Based on true life experiences.

"Bupe's father is an education officer in Northern Zambia. When children begin to disappear from a school in a remote area Bupe and his father go to investigate. Then Bupe disappears too!"

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The Mystery of Mister E A classic and fast moving adventure tale