This website serves as a portfolio for me, Mike Meller.  I am a Junior in the Honors College at the University at Buffalo, majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  Included are an array of assignments and drawings for MAE 377 - Product Design in a CAD Environment.  The first one was - Project00.  It is a survey of some of the top CAD software on the market.  The second project we did was Project01 - a 3D solid modeling exercise to familiarize us with Pro/Engineer.  The third project was Project02 - another 3D modeling exercise.  However, this time we covered assemblies.  The fourth project, Project03, was our third 3D modeling exercise.  The main focus of this project was a mini project - assembling a cell phone.  Our fifth project was Project04.  This one deals with rendering images of parts and assemblies to make them more marketable as well as more realistic looking.   We completed Test 01 in class.  This is uploaded to the website as well.  Project05 comprised of creating animations of assemblies in Pro/Engineer.  The animations involved changes in views of the objects, as well as parts flying out out of the assemblies to show how they are assembles.  Project06 dealt with redesigning an adjustable wrench that had some dimension and design errors.  We completed Test 02 in class as well.  This is available on the website.  Project07 dealt with product investigation and redesign.  The product that I observed and redesigned was a Rock Band Guitar.  This has a lot of parts, and was a pretty challenging project.  The final project created for this class was Project08.  This project required us to observe existing products and create a survey.  We then had to create sketches of alternative designs we weould consider, and then perform a decision making process to settle on the final design.  We solid modeled this, and took lots of jpegs and a few renderings.  We also had to create the 2D BOM and dimension drawings and include these in our report.  Additionally, we performed cost analysis, and created a user manual.

This website also contains some past research I performed at the Rochester Institute of Technology, dealing with a simulated chest cavity to practice performing the implantation of constant axial flow artificial heart pumps.  Additionally, I have uploaded my Gas Dynamics Final Project.  My resume is available as well.  Thanks.