What's Your Sign?

So, how do you get the message of change out to 700,000 people spread out across a land area the size of Illinois? With next to no money? Follow the signs baby! During the month of July the Weisser campaign has created nearly 100 signs so far! What does it take to make a Weisser campaign sign? Three colors and three visual elements: Pink/red Blue and White and silhouette, a name and a slogan. How many variations are possible? We haven't run out of ideas yet! 

Where can you find a Weisser sign? So far signs are posted in So-Hi, Kingman, Dolan Springs, Whitman, Wickenburg, Wickieup, Aguila, Salome, Cottonwood, Payson, Ponderosa Park, Prescott, Circle City, Chino Valley, Paulden, Bullhead City & Fort Mohave. The fans in Phoenix are rocking them as well even though it's out of the district, just for the Indy cred. If you spot a Weisser for Congress sign take a picture and post it here. Make your very own Weisser for Congress sign and post it if you'd like. Watch the slide show for some ideas. 

Send photos to:

July 30, 2012