MOCRACY For the Left Coast of Arizona!

Update 6/17/15:


Dear Campaign Supporters & Cannabis Activists,

As of June 1, I have severed my longtime relationship with Safer Arizona, in the wake of my fellow boardmembers decision to abandon our year long committment to the MPP 2016 legalization campaign and join another group to support their ballot measure instead. As one of the founders of Safer Arizona in March of 2013, I assure you this is not a happy or easy parting, but it is for the best interests of the state and marijuana reform in general that I separate myself and my supporters from this potentially disastrous decision. Over the past few weeks, as leadership was drifting in this direction, it became more obvious that my fellow Safer AZ board members were not willing to honor their commitments to MPP and to our supporters who were committed to the MPP initiative. After more than 5 years work on legalization, more than a year representing the public in MPP's campaign and more than two decades as a public figure on reform issues, I could not in good conscience abandon our work or our supporters.

PLEASE continue to follow my work and support the MPP ballot measure. Look for continuing updates resuming on this site. Feel free to contact me for further information or to learn how YOU can participate in making marijuana legal in AZ and  joining in the MPP 2016 legalization campaign.

mikel weisser

This site will be ongoing changes to focus on the 2016 cannabis legalization campaign. In the meantime, please check for cmapaign updates HERE.

Update 12/4/14:
Dear Supporters,

Now that the 2014 election cycle is officially completed, the Mikel Weisser for US Congress campaign is suspending operations on this site for the time being. 

Update 11/14/14:

Update 11/4/14:

"Yuma to Utah, Parker to Payson
from the Colorado, across the Central Highlands,
& all the area around PHX where the people aren't,
I love you."
--2:10AM 11/4/14

Update 10/28/14: 

Update 10/27/14:

SEE the article at Crooks & Liars'


Update 10/22/14:

Mikel Weisser Speaks at Tucson Pride Day

October 18th, 2014, the Mikel Weisser for US Congress campaign was honored to be invited to an historic weekend in Tucson when Stonewall Democrat endorsed AZ-04 Congressional candidate, Mikel Weisser to speak in celebration of the newly upheld Supreme Court decision that marriage equality is the law of the land. Besides joining local dignitaries such as AZ House Rep Victoria Steele and local school board hero Adelita Grijalva, drag shows, rock bands, stand-up comedians and many moving marriages were performed before a crowd that numbered in the thousands. 


Signage 2014

signage 2014

Update 10/15/14:
PDA National Endorses
The Mikel Weisser Campaign!!!

Update 9/26/14:

Update 9/9/14:

Safer AZ Announces 2016 Drive at PHX NORML 9/2/14 (Mikel Weisser)

Update 8/29/14:


the James Woods for Congress Campaign!

(W moderator at Gale Force Progressives forum in Mesa)

NEW in The Blog

Update 8/25/14:
     "On the eve of the primary ...

 I want to try to thank all the Democrats & other friends from around the state who have helped with this incredible adventure. From Beth and Victoria, to Joe and Jon Longoria, Bill Gauslow, Toni & Andy Denis, Barney Blashill, Dennis Duvall, Scott & Cara Prior, Maynard & Barba Njos, Dante Mitchell, Paul Moreno, Sarah Lydick, Mike Cosentino, Gary Lamaster, Chris Tilley, Mavis Denofsky, Pat Daly-Carle, Darcy Weiner, Archy, Julie & Perry, Demitri, Bob Clark, Ken Lakind, David & Susan Cloud Hall, Jesse Dowling, Hilary & Joel Williams, John Vick, Chris Martin, James Woods and staff, Mary Desio, Nancy Hamilton, John Rowan, Mark Johnson, Frank Copple, Kathy Svendsen, Marty Luna Wolfe, Michelle Moore, Donna Cat Campbell, Alan Bensch, Mike Means & Juanita Colucci, Marshall Knauf, Jerry & Judy Stone, Valerie, Blossom & Scarlet, Frank Cuccia, Lindsay, Labeth &  Jo, Denis Bohlke, Jonnie West, Steve Brittle, Nina Smith, Jim Holway, Rita Jo Anthony, Dan O'Neal, Joe Murphy, Karyn Lathan and on and on and that's just since the end of the 2nd quarter, just a few names across a few cities; & doesn't even include donors or party staffers (Hi Jackie!) or officers or the dozens of volunteers I've barely met, or the thousands of people I have spoken to by phone. I am leaving out so many people ... sigh. 

 Let there be no doubt, though, while I have not named all the folks who have kept me on the road and fighting, I always remember what you have asked me to fight for.

We have felt the love and support of Democrats and citizens around the state and even around the country as more and more people have learned of our work. It has made so much difference for Arizona and so much difference in my life. YOUR efforts have made this difference. Like my speech below for the Pinal County insists: my campaign is exactly a campaign of the people. It does not happen without your faith in me and your personal belief in the importance of your own personal campaigns. If my campaign has a clear message (besides that bit about the Right being Wrong and all), then it is the importance of individual action for the common good without reservation, that an individual can make a difference through their actions and inspire others to act and that we, as persons and as a people, are enriched each time we try, every time we reach to make America better through our effort, through our faith in the common good. 

 You can change the world through the difference you can create. Amaze yourself, amaze your friends. I ask you each to start your own campaigns.I thank you all for where you have brought me with mine.

THX, Aug. 25th, 11:51pm
(photo Toni Denis)

Update 8/21/14:
(PS: This posting means that 3 weeks in I still need transportation help, thx)
Update 8/9/14:

"If I Have to Walk ..."
Ladies and Gentlemen, with the retirement of the Weisser Campaign Van, I am currently depending on the Kindness of supporters for all out of area events. Please help us solve this campaign crisis.

CONTACT the Mikel Weisser for US Congress--1) If you can assist w loan/purchase of a replacement vehicle for the remaining 3 months of the campaign; 2) If you can assist w transportation to or from events or cities where events are being held. 3) If you can donate $$$ or time or expertise to help us solve this critical problem.



Update 7/22/14:

Update: 7/17/14: 

Update 7/14/14:

Update 7/12/14:

YouTube Video

(Now, I could link you to my boring old boilerplate "official" statement, 
NEW! Guest Column by W John Williamson: 

Update 7/12/14:

Till It is Done, till the wheels fall off, or till I run out of road ...
& then I'll STILL keep walking. 

Update 7/07/14:

(Is the candidate a Flagwaver? Sings point to "Yes."--photo at Prescott Rodeo grounds)

THX for all the support. Don't forget to friend us on Facebook:

& Laugh along on Twitter:

Update 6/30/14:

Update 6/27/14:

Update 6/24/14:

Update 6/21/14:

"Ah, THX I guess. I would like to thank all the little people who made this possible ... lol"

Update 6/18/14: 

Update 6/17/14:

Update 6/15/14
Happy Flag Day/ Happy Fathers Day


On June 14th, 2014, the Mohave County Democratic Party and the Kingman Democratic Women’s Club helped bring Kingman’s Flag Day to life at last. The town had not been holding a Flag Day celebration so in 2013 the women’s group, led by Carol Decker-Noli, created an event at Metcalf Park; but the park had no flagpole. County chair Joe Longoria said there had to be a way and the process began. One year later, after dozens of meetings w the city and dozens of flag pins sold by the women’s club to get the entire community involved, Kingman got to hold a true Flag Day with a massive flag which had flown over the US Capitol and been donated to the Democrats by Ms Flor Reyes. The Boy Scout color guard is as proud as can be and note the little kid in the center of the first two pictures. I wish we all could focus that intently on honoring our country. Imagine the world we could have if we’d each tried this hard to uphold the flag--

Update 6/12/14:
Update 6/9/14:

Update 6/5/14:

Update 6/2/14:

THX to You,
We Did It!

1,276 miles, 986 petition signatures, 22 cities visited, 9 legislative districts, 8 days, 7 counties; 12 legislative district candidates, 7 statewide candidates, & 10 PCs collected for. 
AZ-04 Represents Like Never Before!
Special THX to:

BethWeisser, Joe n Jon Longoria, Michelle Moore, Marty n Maria, Carol, Danny & Ed. Archie & Julie, Judith Lee & her son, Chris Wampsher, Perry, Theo n Russell, Gerald, Pete, Pat, Mike n Juanita, Aaron Marquez, Sam Lindamanis, Mike Mazilla, Mr & Ms. Radic, & Nicole Rudolph, Marshall, Megan, Lando & Hans, The Ben Franklin Plumber guy, Joan, Jade, Jack, Dante, Karen & Michael + Trixie, Brian & Sarah, John n Terri, Jim, & Rita, Woody, Bill & Kathy, Marcus Ferrell, Sharon & Darlene, Sarai, Frank, Nikki, Judy & Jim, Cheryl Tupper, Andy & Toni, Valerie, Blossom, Hannah, Israel & Forrest, Kathy & Bill, Paul, Hanne, Gretchen, Mark, Christina, Travis & Azellia, Jesse, Gary, Jan, Michael & Nancy & Butch, John Zigler & Johnny Lingo Trio, Dave, Manny, Chris, Chris, Barb & Maynard, Wheatie, Scott again, Jerry, Janet, Eric Meyer, Janie & Frank, Ron, Dj, Dj, the incredibly amazing Jackie Adams, Bill Roe, Chis & Sam. Sharon & Chris and Gracie, Barry, Barbara Kelly, Henry Wade, Battlin' Barry McCain, Dan O'Neal + Boots, Megan & Lilli, Cynthia + Guy & William, Jerry & Max, Ron, and the folks I am grateful to, though currently forgetting.

Best Part of the Trip?

Coming Home!

Thank You My Love!


Explanation of  Gap in Story of the Great Canvass Quest:

After setting up the whole elaborate stage dressing of keeping a roving blog while completing the mammoth trip first my phone, then my computer died right about the time my phone limped back to life. All in all it became another matter of it being more important to live life than write about it. So the rest of the tale of the travel has been reduced to the acknowledgements above for now. THX for following along. We'll try to meet that travel blog challenge on our next big trip!

Update 5/23/14: 
The Great Canvass Quest Day Three:
"The Buddha Says--"

Update 5/22/14:

Update 5/21/14:

Update 5/20/14:

Update 5/11/14:
(from our Kingman 1st Friday performance, 5/2/14)

From the Mikel Weisser for US Congress Campaign
Thanks again to all the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who help make the difference everyday!

Update 5/4/14:

Update 5/4/14:
New Video: 
Update 4/19/14:

In the Blog

Update 4/9/14:
4 a Wonderful KABAM!

Now It's back to the Fight!

(Luca Zanna the survivalist, weapons-enthusiast, right-wing musician and talk show host leads the attack on liberal values, as he interviews Mikel Weisser for his gun-focused talkshow, Love, Guns & Freedom--NEW IN THE BLOG)

Update: 2/27/14:

is proud to have been part of the push against SB1062 

 Congratulations Arizona and America,
With Liberty & Justice for All!

Update 2/27/14 - 

"The Truth About SB1122 (Kelli Ward's "hemp bill') 
& Other Updates"
A You Tube Video Report

Safer AZ Feb. Report: The Truth About AZ's SB1122 - YouTube Video

(in the blog)

(At ADP Press Conference on voter suppression bill HB2305 Feb. 17, 2014 at state capitol)

(Artwork by Yuma County Dem Chair Jesse Lugo)

YouTube Video

Weisser to Deliver Kingman Lecture 

on Tea Party Lies

(From the August 2009 Protest of Trent Franks)

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