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Michelle Shocked

What a great event we had with Michelle Shocked Sunday, April 15th, Tax Day. Lisa's Bistro went all out with an appetizer display and snappy service. Michelle knocked it out of the park with her patented sing-along storytelling massive singing and playing style. The visibility was great and the evening helped continue the building process for the newly revitalized Bullhead City Democratic activist community. What happens next?


On April 15th, Tax Day, legendary Texan picker-poet Michelle Shocked will perform a live concert at Lisa’s Bistro in Bullhead City in support of Mikel Weisser.

Michelle Shocked is a traveling troubadour whose musical talent is so eclectic it is difficult to categorize. As a young feminist, she left Texas to travel, Kerouac-style, and was caught up in Reagan-era grassroots politics. Her musical career was ignited by a bootleg recording made around a Kerrville Folk Festival campfire on a Sony Walkman.

In a 24-year career that has seen critical acclaim at every juncture, she famously escaped major-label indentured servitude in 1996, subverting the artist-label relationship that helped lead to the current trend toward artistic self-containment. She has made good use of her independence, releasing more critically-acclaimed albums on her Mighty Sound label. Her 2009 album, Soul of My Soul, was the latest of these. In 2010, she launched Roadworks, an ongoing, 5-year touring project which curates audience’s favorite songs while developing new, unreleased material. 

"Michelle Shocked" is the nom de guerre given at her arrest in a political protest called "The War Chest Tour" during the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, California. The demonstration challenged the practice of U.S. corporations receiving lucrative military contracts from the U.S. government while giving generous campaign contributions to both political parties, thus benefiting from political favors regardless of election results. "Michelle Shocked" was intended to invoke the specter of "shell shock" as a result of Reagan's Cold War policies.

Lisa’s Bistro is located at 1595 Mohave Drive (across from Wal-Mart).

The concert will begin at 8 pm; doors will open at 7 pm.

The concert is to be a fundraiser for Mikel Weisser, currently a candidate for AZ’s newly formed Congressional seat in CD 4. Weisser is a social studies teacher and longtime political activist and writer.

Contact: Susan E. Smith 928-768-7539 or email:

For more information on the Mikel Weisser for US Congress campaign contact:

Mikel Weisser

4490 Sundown Drive

So-Hi, AZ 86413