Support and Donations are not all about money, it is also about sharing your time and talents. If you would like to help support my campaign, please consider some of the following:

  • used political signs donated
  • used political signs repainted
  • over night stay for me around the district
  • phone banking
  • letter writing
  • letter writing to progressive celebrities to peition them into helping the campaign
  • Volunteer FB and other online media networking to promote the campaign
  • creating events
  • organzing protests
  • hosting organizers
  • buying a tank of gas for candidate/organizer travel
  • hosting a meal
  • "parking lotting" (this means putting campaign material under the windshield wipers of all the cars in a parking lot)
  • hosting a movie night to show progressive films
  • creating a event for a guest speaker
  • promoting these things by contacting and pestering media
  • anything else you might think we could use or need...
  • us

Contact: Mikel Weisser, 928-234-5633,