A native Texan and the son of a nightclub singer, Mikel Weisser, after being an accomplished plumber and homeless shelter manager returned to college at 30, collected a MA from the University of Illinois at Springfield, where he presented papers at three national conferences and a M Ed from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Mikel has lived in Mohave County since the turn of the century, teaching Junior High in Bullhead City and Middle School in Kingman.

Mikel Weisser has been a political activist with organizations like Occupy Kingman (Occupy Together), Heartland Peace Center (Springfield, IL), Move On.Org, A.N.S.W.E.R., Amnesty International, Code Pink, and Phoenix's End the War Coalition, both writing and organizing on peace, immigrant rights, and gender bias issues. His recurring humor blog, "Current Comedy" goes back more than 20 years and has been featured on OpEd News, Dissident Voice, AlterNet, Illinois Times, Daily Kos, AZ Central, and his local paper, The Kingman Daily Miner, among others. Reprinted by groups as diverse as from My Gay Spot Entertainment to a Public Enemy fan site, from Useful Information Nation to San Diego's "Draft Notices," Weisser "writes from the left coast of AZ."

Mikel Weisser now teaches Social Studies and Language Arts to middle-schoolers, is a member of the NORAZ poets, a performance coach for the AZ Arts Commission, a member of the Arizona Education Association fund council and resolutions committees, the Arizona Democratic Party's LGBT Caucus' regional advisor for Western Arizona on Gender Bias Issues, and an organizer of Kingman's annual book festival, KABAM! ("Kingman-Area-Books-Are-Magic!"). A tireless touring poet and performer, Weisser has performed at Chicago's Green Mill, L.A.'s Beyond Baroque, the Beat Museum and Cafe International in San Francisco and standing in the pouring rain ... in various places.

Frustrated with the lack of discussion on progressive issues, Weisser launched his campaign to bring variety of thought back to public discourse. For all those on the left who are always left out: the poor, the homeless, the LGBT communities, minorities and patient and prisoner rights, Mikel Weisser is a voice for the voiceless, a protest to tell the Right when they’re wrong and to bring America back to its senses. Real democracy doesn’t demand a dress code. Mikel Weisser is already changing the discussion in Arizona. With your help we can change the world.