Screen Shots

the following screen shots are from the episode
"So, Who's Fred Hornbeck?"

These screen captures aren't in chronological order.

A handshake - a simple gesture that poses special problems for the blind. Handshakes make several appearances in this episode. Here is Stewart Means trying to offer his hand to Mike, who doesn't know it's there. Means just looks embarrassed and gives up.

Mike has a moment of insight.

Nikki spills the gossip from the Meacham beauty salon.

Nikki and Duke

Fred Hornbeck makes a toast.

David De Carie, aka Richie Kingman,
whines. Gee, Freddie, I didn't mean for you
to spend those 10 years in prison.

Ugly masked thug.

Fred Hornbeck comes in and prepares
to crack the thug on the head.

Ouch, Fred broke his cast.

More Mike.

And more Mike.

But when Mrs. De Carie is faced with the same problem, she reaches for Mike's hand -- an extra effort that tells Mike a great deal about what kind of person she is.

Mike has his own trouble offering handshakes. Here he offers his hand to Charlie Porter, not realizing that Porter is in a wheelchair, immobilized by stroke.

Duke tries to puzzle out Mike's deductions.

Mike and Nikki

Mike has a flashback of Ingrid.

Mrs. & Mr. De Carie

Stewart Means

Two thugs beat Mike up.

Bam! Wham! Pow!

Mike shows what a bad wine connoisseur he is.

Mike again.

Do you sense a theme here? Mike again.

And guess who.