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Cast and Crew

James Franciscus (Mike Longstreet)

Born in 1934, James Franciscus had an extensive acting career. He starred in dozens of films, including science fiction films such as Beneath the Planet of the Apes and Valley of the Gwangi , disaster films like City on Fire and When Time Ran Out, and many others. His television career included playing a police detective in Naked City in the 1950s, a schoolteacher in Mr. Novak in the 1960s, and not only Longstreet but several other series in the 1970s. Sadly, James Franciscus passed away due to emphysema in July 1991.

Marlyn Mason (Nikki Bell)

Marlyn Mason's many television roles began in the 1950s. One of her earliest roles was a guest role on Bonanza playing, coincidentally, a young woman temporarily blinded by Little Joe in an accident. A multitalented actress, she also appeared in several Broadway productions and films, including The Trouble With Girls alongside Elvis Presley. She is currently living in Oregon and occasionally shows up in films or television guest spots. And she still gets fan mail praising her work on Longstreet!

Peter Mark Richman (Duke Paige)

A character actor, artist, and writer with an extensive resume, Mark Richman first appeared on television in the late 1940s. His film and television roles range from Cain's Hundred to Star Trek: The Next Generation to Naked Gun 2 1/2. He added "Peter" to his name around 1971 for spiritual reasons. He is still working in California and has his own web site which describes his many contributions and includes details on his current work.

Ann Doran (Mrs. Kingston)

Ann Doran began acting as a child during the era of silent films, and she continued acting into the 1980s, racking up over 500 movie roles and 1000 television appearances. She passed away due to complications from a stroke in 2000.

The character of the seeing eye dog Pax was played by several white German Shepherds, possibly named Blanco,  Snow or Snowflake, and Blizzard.  (We've heard several versions of this information and have not been able to verify.)
Pax won the The American Humane Association's Performing Animal Star of the Year (PATSY) Award in 1972. Renowned animal action expert Karl Lewis Miller trained the dogs who played Pax.

Here is a nice little youtube tribute video to Mike and Pax

YouTube Video

Stirling Silliphant - Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer

Best known as a writer, Stirling Silliphant penned such award-winning scripts as In the Heat of the Night and Charly as well as practically inventing the disaster film genre with The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno. Silliphant studied martial arts with Bruce Lee and wrote the Longstreet episode "The Way of the Intercepting Fist" which incorporated a key role for Lee as Mike Longstreet's self-defense mentor. Stirling Silliphant died of cancer in 1996.

Joel Rogosin - Producer

Joel Rogosin's career as a producer included a number of television series from The Virginian and Ironside to Magnum, PI and Knight Rider.

Additional Crew and Production Personnel

From the credits for episode "The Way of the Intercepting Fist"
Produced by - Joel Rogosin
Developed for Television by - Stirling Silliphant
Based Upon Characters Created by - Baynard Kendrick
Script Consultant - Howard Browne
Assistant to the Producer - James H. Brown
Music by - Oliver Nelson
Music Supervisor - Kenyon Hopkins
Director of Photography - Al Francis
Art Director - William Campbell
Film Editor - Frederick Baratta, A.C.E.
Post Production Coordinator - Donald R. Rode
Sound Effects Editor - Dick Maier
Music Editor - John La Salandra, Jr.
Sound Mixer - Glen Anderson
Recorded by - Glen Glenn Sound
Unit Production Manager - James H. Brown
Assistant Director - Jack Cunningham
Set Director - John D. W. Lamphear
Casting - Ramsay King
A Paramount Production
In Association With
Edling Productions, Inc.
Corsican Productions, Inc.
Copyright (c) MCMLXXI by Paramount Pictures Corporation and Edling Productions, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Chevrolets Furnished by General Motors Corporation
Chrysler Vehicles Furnished by Chrysler Corporation
Consultant Services Provided by The Insurance Information Institute
For Paramount Television
Post Production Supervisor - Edward Milkis
Supervising Art Director - Bill Ross
Casting Supervisor - Mildred Gusse
Executive Production Manager - Ted Leonard
Production Manager - Sam Strangis
Thomas D. Tannenbaum - Senior Vice President In Charge of Production

Guest Stars

Bruce Lee appeared in four episodes as Li Tsung, an antique dealer who teaches Mike the art of Jeet Kune Do. The episodes Bruce appeared in were:

The Way of the Intercepting Fist
Spell Legacy Like Death
Wednesday's Child
I See, Said the Blind Man

This is a photo [ below] of Bruce Lee demonstrating his "sticky hands" technique blindfolded. Stirling Silliphant, the creator of Longstreet, trained with Bruce Lee for several years. It is very possible that Silliphant was remembering a training session like this when he developed Longstreet and particularly the episode "The Way of the Intercepting Fist."

Source: Bruce Lee 1940-1973, Rainbow Publications (c) 1974

This photo [below] shows Stirling Silliphant and Bruce Lee discussing a Longstreet script.

Source: Bruce Lee 1940-1973, Rainbow Publications (c) 1974

Guest Star Trivia

Tim McIntire (Richard Swift in "Wednesday's Child")
was the son of John McIntire (Dan Stockton in "Pilot" and "Please Leave the Wreck for Others to Enjoy")
and Jeanette Nolan (Alice Longstreet in "Pilot").