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Warning: there will be some spoilers in the episode descriptions.

This episode guide was assembled by LongstreetFan. Details for some episodes are more extensive than others, depending on the sources available. Synopses for some episodes were drawn from Paramount News releases. The remainder were written expressly for this episode guide. Corrections and additions welcome.

Pilot (90 minutes)
Original air dates: ABC Movie of the Week 2/23/71; rebroadcast 9/9/71
Written by: Stirling Silliphant
Directed by: Joseph Sargent
Starring: James Franciscus (Mike Longstreet), Bradford Dillman (Duke Paige), John McIntire (Dr. Dan Stockman), Jeanette Nolan (Alice Longstreet), Martine Beswick (Nikki Bell), Barry Russo (Lieutenant Kirk Gantry), Judy Jones (Ingrid Longstreet, Mike's wife), Barney Phillips (Dr. Richards), Martin Kosleck (Von Marks), Lisabeth Field (Nurse), Lincoln Demyan (Inspector), James De Closs (Police Sergeant)

Mike Longstreet is a New Orleans insurance investigator who is happily married to his lovely wife, Ingrid, until someone leaves a bomb for Mike hidden in a champagne bottle. Ingrid opens it and dies in the explosion, which also leaves Mike blinded. Mike takes a crash course in how to get along in the world and then immediately sets out to find those responsible for the bomb.

All episodes after the pilot had Peter Mark Richman as Duke Paige and Marlyn Mason as Nikki Bell. Ann Doran joined the cast as Mrs. Kingston, Mike's housekeeper/cook.

The following episodes are listed in airing order. The episode number (which reflects filming order) is also shown.

The Way of the Intercepting Fist
Original air date: 9/16/71
Episode number: 2
Written by: Stirling Silliphant
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Lou Gossett [Jr.] (Sgt. Cory), John Milford (Jim Bolte), Bruce Lee (Li Tsung), Johnny Haymer (Harv), Del Monroe (Gunman), Brett Pearson (Pete), Bruce Kirby (Truck Driver), Eugene Peterson (Arvin), Ray Galvin (Pier Guard [Jessie])

Mike is attacked by three thugs on the street, who were sent to warn him away from an investigation into the hijacking of a number of trucks from the shipping docks. He is rescued by Li Tsung (Bruce Lee), an antique dealer who also happens to be an expert in Jeet Kune Do (which was Bruce Lee's own style of improvisational martial art). Mike convinces Li to teach him Jeet Kune Do and the viewer gets to watch Bruce Lee's teaching style. Mike then uses his new knowledge to help break the case.

A World of Perfect Complicity
Original air date: 9/23/71
Episode number: 1
Written by: Stirling Silliphant
Directed by: Jud Taylor
Guest stars: James Broderick (Hank), Josephine Hutchinson (Lydia Duval), Beverlee McKinsey (Sue Hazelton), Fred Beir (Tom Hazelton), Douglas Henderson (Sidney Benbrook), Mark Roberts (Mr. Courtney), Darlene Conley (Mrs. Benbrook), Patricia Winters (Mrs. Courtney), Geoffrey Lewis (Houston), Jennie Blackton (Secretary), Alex Gerry (Albert Duval), Mike Kopcha (Private Patrolman), Brad Williams (Range Officer)

Mike and Nikki go undercover as husband and wife while investigating a series of burglaries at a posh highrise. Excellent script by Stirling Silliphant.

One in the Reality Column (shooting title "The Witness")
Original air date: 9/30/71
Episode number: 6
Written by: Lionel E. Siegel
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Victor French (Dolph Cottle), Tyne Daly (Marci Pierce), Murray MacLeod (Ben Cottle), Wesley Lau (Defense Attorney), Fred Holliday (Prosecuting Attorney), Mark Tapscott (Lt. Martinson), Med Flory (Charlie), Ed Prentiss (Judge), Norman Leavitt (Truck Driver), Nick Dennis (Nick), Jerome Guardino (Cab Driver), Claude Johnson (Policeman)

Mike is kidnapped, drugged, and left to die on an old abandoned freighter. Nikki and Duke are desperate when he is missing for 15 hours -- and then returns with no memory of where he has been or who might have done this to him.

So, Who's Fred Hornbeck?
Original air date: 10/07/71
Episode number: 3
Written by: Sandor Stern
Directed by: David Lowell
Guest stars: Victor Jory (Fred Hornbeck), Martha Scott (Louisa De Carie), Michael Ontkean (David De Carie), Leonard Stone (Means), Lynn Hamilton (Mary Rose Carter), William Patterson (Henri De Carie), Len Wayland (Sheriff Pyke), Virginia Capers (Nurse), Walter S. Baldwin, Jr. (Mr. Porter), Jimmy Pelham (Red Carter), Bert Kramer (Officer Grove)

A man has spent 10 years in prison for a murder he claims he did not commit. Penniless and ignored by the authorities, he asks Mike to help him find the real killer.

Elegy in Brass
Original air date: 10/14/71
Episode number: 5
Written by: Steven Lord
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Guest stars: Brock Peters (Danny), Janet MacLachlan (Molly Richards), Robert DoQui (Gus Pollack), Logan Ramsey (Clayton), Berry Kroeger (Truman Deckbar), Joel Fluellen (Jimbo Rollins), Bill Walker (Joe-the-Butcher Powell), Ed Peck (Det. Lt. Toomey)

A valuable old coronet and some other items are stolen from the Jazz Society and a man is left dead. Mike investigates -- but is an old friend mixed up in the crime?

Spell Legacy Like Death
Original air date: 10/21/71
Episode number: 9
Written by: Sy Salkowitz and Mark Rogers; Story by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by: Paul Krasny
Guest stars: Barry Nelson (Les Bailey), Louise Latham (Maxine Bailey), Bruce Lee (Li Tsung), Anthony Caruso (Captain Dimirjian), Paul Mantee (Sergeant Aubrey)

A bomber has a grudge against Mike and threatens to kill thousands by blowing up a bridge unless the city pays him $500,000 within two hours. What reason could the bomber have for wanting Mike to deliver the money other than deadly payback for a past grievance?

The Shape of Nightmares
Original air date: 10/28/71
Episode number: 7
Written by: Stirling Silliphant
Directed by: James Neilson
Guest stars: Dana Elcar (Dr. Burlen), Paul Koslo (Bobby Karp), Nora Meadows (Mrs. Dutton), William Smith, Scott Walker

Mike enters a state prison to investigate the death of a prisoner. A widow's insurance claim hinges on whether the reported hanging was suicide or murder.

The Girl with the Broom (a.k.a The Portrait of Martin Looten)
Original air date: 11/04/71
Episode number: 4
Written by: Reuben Bercovitch
Directed by: Lee Phillips
Guest stars: Tim O'Connor (Dr. Franklin), Shelley Fabares (Marianne Franklin), Nan Martin (Mrs. Franklin), Michael Bell (Casey Davenport), Melendy Britt (Lenore Crowley), Gregory Morton (Peter Kellman), Val Bisoglio (Garvey), Stacy Keach, Sr. (Warden Lewis), Christopher Ashton (William Kellman), John Sebastian (Lt. Webber)

A Rembrandt is stolen from a wealthy couple's home, and the owner doesn't think a blind insurance investigator is able to handle the job. Duke insists on keeping Mike on the case, but how far will he go in trusting his friend's instincts on this investigation?

Wednesday's Child
Original air date: 11/11/71
Episode number: 10
Written by: Stephen Kandel and Mark Rogers; Story by Howard Browne
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Guest stars: Tim McIntire (Richard Swift), Gene Evans (Fred Decker), Bruce Lee (Li Tsung), Marion Ross (Ilene Decker), Virginia Vincent (Dora Wyman), Nellie Burt (Sara Wyman), Paul Fix (Dan Schirmer)

Nikki is kidnapped after buying an old sewing machine at an auction. It turns out someone hid something very valuable in the sewing machine -- and it is up to Mike, Duke, and Li Tsung to find out what it is and bring it to the kidnappers before they kill Nikki.

I See, Said the Blind Man
Original air date: 11/18/71
Episode number: 12
Written by: Sandor Stern
Directed by: Leslie H. Martinson
Guest stars: Lee Harcourt Montgomery (Rudy Krim), Bruce Lee (Li Tsung), Bert Freed (Lt. Ryder), George Murdock (Burt Oaks), John Lupton (Don Krim), Francine York (Ellie), Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Metcalfe), Kip King (Dr. Fowler), Frances Spanier (Sylvia Krim), Darwin Joston (Gary Stephens), Kasey Rogers (Nancy Oaks), Jerry Hausner (Arnie), Bartlett Robinson, Frank Farmer (Veterinarian)

Mike and Pax stumble across a murder, and Pax is stabbed. Mike's anger over the attack on Pax mixes with his frustration at being an "eyewitness" who can't see and thus isn't taken seriously by the murderer or the police. So Mike launches an investigation of his own to identify the killer.

This Little Piggy Went to Marquette
Original air date: 12/02/71
Episode number: 13
Written by: Robert Malcolm Young
Directed by: Charles Dubin
Guest stars: Barry Sullivan (Anderson), Madlyn Rhue (Kim), Michael Strong

Mike is hired to investigate a string of trailer thefts at a trucking company.

There Was a Crooked Man (a.k.a. No Bad Times, No Blighted Memories)
Original air date: 12/09/71
Episode number: 14
Written by: John Furia and Mark Rodgers
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Murray Hamilton (Nelson Woodley), Pippa Scott (Julia Woodley), Mills Watson (Charles Murphy), Danielle De Metz, Laird Stuart

A thoroughbred horse is held for ransom and those responsible want Mike to deliver the money, thinking that a blind man would be unable to identify them or their location. But Mike is more observant than the extortionists imagined.

The Old Team Spirit
Original air date: 12/16/71
Episode number: 8
Written by: Robert Hamner
Directed by: James Sheldon
Guest stars: Leif Erickson (Harold Kemp), John Ericson (Frank Glendon)

Mike finds himself faced with conflicting emotions when he works with his old mentor investigating a series of armored car robberies.

The Long Way Home
Original air date: 12/30/71
Episode number: 11
Written by: Richard Landau
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Susan Oliver (Paula), Skip Homeier (Ben), David Huddleston (Walter), Rosemary De Camp (Emma), John McLiam

Mike assumes a false identity to find out who's behind a series of robberies in a plant manufacturing electronic parts.

Let the Memories Be Happy Ones
Original air date: 1/06/72
Episode number: 15
Written by: Mark Rodgers
Directed by: Jeff Hayden
Guest stars: Rosemary Forsyth (Hannah), Karl Swenson (Sven Aalborg), Jim Antonio (John Lang), Lonny Chapman (Lt. Crane)

Mike finally meets his sister-in-law Hannah, but their encounter is marred by an attempt on the life of Hannah's husband Sven.

Survival Times Two (possibly a.k.a. "The Wild Country")
Original air date: 1/13/72
Episode number: 16
Written by: Mark Rodgers
Directed by: James H. Brown
Guest stars: Neville Brand (La Brien), Robert Donner (Fourchet), Jan Shepard (Alice Paige)

Mike and Duke head into the bayou in search of a man who is suspected of dynamiting an oil rig. But things get complicated when their guide abandons them and Duke is bitten by a poisonous snake.

Eye of the Storm
Original air date: 1/20/72
Episode number: 17
Written by: Simon Wincelberg
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Collin Wilcox-Horne (Verna), Claude Akins (Flecker), James Callihan (Royce), Lizabeth Hush (Mrs. Royce), Jonathan Lippe (Dunstan)

Mike travels to a lonely diner to retrieve a jade chess set from a mysterious thief known only as Mr. Smith. A bus breaks down and strands the passengers at the diner and later a patron is knifed during a power outage caused by a storm. Mike must determine who among them could be responsible before anyone else falls victim to the killer.

Please Leave the Wreck for Others to Enjoy
Original air date: 1/27/72
Episode number: 19
Written by: Stirling Silliphant
Directed by: Alex Singer
Guest stars: John McIntire (Dan Stockton), Wendell Burton (Russ Larsen)

When Nikki is hurt in a hit-and-run accident, Mike falls into a depression. Mike's old mentor Dan Stockton (from the pilot movie) pressures Mike into helping a newly-blinded young man find a reason to live. Will Mike find a reason to go on fighting as well?

Anatomy of a Mayday
Original air date: 2/03/72
Episode number: 18
Written by: Robert W. Lenski
Directed by: James H. Brown
Guest stars: Jeremy Slate (Barry), Stephen McNally (Gillman), Arch Johnson, Harold. J. Stone, Kathie Browne

When Mike's friend Barry sends out a mayday and then disappears at sea, Mike sets out to find some answers.

Sad Songs and Other Conversations
Original air date: 2/10/72
Episode number: 20
Written by: Sandor Stern
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Brooke Bundy (Nurse Kelly), John Colicos (Arnold Zaduck), Dennis Olivieri (Andy Woodman), Jeanne Cooper, Richard Anderson, Frank Maxwell

Longstreet attempts to penetrate a figurative smoke screen after a hospital fire in which three patients lost their lives.

Field of Honor
Original air date: 2/17/72
Episode number: 21
Written by: Herman Groves
Directed by: Charles Dubin
Guest stars: Robert Horton (Jim Collins), Bernie Casey (Ray Eller), Tol Avery (Alex Roebling), Robert Mandan

Mike tries to decipher a problem involving a professional gambler and a pro quarterback.

Through Shattering Glass
Original air date: 2/24/72
Episode number: 22
Written by: Jackson Gillis
Directed by: James H. Brown
Guest stars: Stacy Harris (Jim Carlton), Lee Meriwether (Miss Cooper), Peggy McCay (Mrs. Ames), William Bramley (Ames)

Mike arranges an elaborate ruse to prove that an accident in an elevator shaft was deliberate murder.

The Sound of Money Talking
Original air date: 3/02/72
Episode number: 23
Written by: Richard Shapiro
Directed by: Don McDougall
Guest stars: Peter Haskell (Roy), Luke Askew (Murph), Walter Burke (Virgil Willis), Vic Tayback

Mike's efforts to solve a bank robbery are complicated by Nikki's romantic interest in one of the suspects.

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