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My name is Mihail Mancas. I started to love photography and PhotoShop at the same age. It was in my 13 years, when I was at a photography exposition. I didn't have a camera and a computer at that age, and I couldn't afford them. Now I am 22 years old and I’ve finally got them. I still have a lot to practice, but I hope someday to become a pro photographer...


About PhototoShop - once I've opened this program acciden-tally in one internet-club. I've looked at all the menus, all tools and so on and I’ve said to me - "this program is impossible to be learned. I need forever to understand it..." and I’ve started to see what all the «noise» around this program is. I was reading diffe-rent articles, doing tutorials, practicing and understanding "how it works". I was doing all this things anywhere I had access to a computer, because I DIDN'T have one at home. Yes... Interesting, yep? It took me 6 years of practice to "know" PhotoShop. I am still learning it, and discovering new miracles it has, this is why I love it. Last summer (2006) I have worked in USA at one casino, as a Graphics Artist. For first time in my life I had to deal with a real customer’s (not just a friend's) demand. At the beginning it was kind of scary, but I've handled myself, and it was O.K. I've worked over there for 4 months, and then I have returned home (Republic of Moldova). This summer I’ve retur-ned over there, to continue my job. I plan to go back next year, to continue my work again, but stay longer, maybe one year.


So this is a story of a guy who wants to do "miracles" with PhotoShop and "outstanding moments" with Photography...