"Tricotism" with Dave Gleason ‎(piano)‎ 2011

"In A Sentimental Mood" with Wycliffe Gordon

"He Knows How Much You Can Bear" 2009

with Keith Pray (saxophone), Steve Lambert (trumpet), Scott Bassinson (piano), Dave Berger (drums) @  Jazz Appreciation Month concert 
April 2009 hosted by the Albany Musicians Union 

Michael Benedict's "Bopitude" record date highlighted at 


Lawrence plays with just about everybody in Greater Nippertown, so it wasn’t surprising to see him hook up with Barth & Nelson like this was their regular Friday night gig. But even in a support role, Lawrence retains his own sense of style and self: He was fat and happy on “Wise Charlie’s Blues,” Death By Chocolate-rich on Barth’s complex original “Be Blue’d”, and Lawrence combined with Benedict to display the infinite chemistry that helps make Bopitude much more than just another repertory outfit."
by J Hunter, review of Bruce Barth/Steve Nelson Quartet gig June 21, 2013 gig at Van Dyck

"Bassist Mike Lawrence has been on the local jazz scene for nearly two decades and he is a richly rhythmic anchor to the music featured on Five And One."
by Randy Treece
AlbanyJazz .com

"Mike Lawrence, on bass, provides the kind of solid, steady support this rhythmically demanding and diverse music requires."
by Tom Pierce AlbanyJazz .com

"Bassist Mike Lawrence added a solid foundation to the band’s sound and contributed imaginative solos."
by Rudy Lu
AlbanyJazz .com

"(Michael Benedict's)
fills are always steady, and so is his time—in part due to the steadfast arm of bassist Mike Lawrence, who has no trouble laying the foundation and driving the train. "
by Jeff Nania Metroland May 10, 2012

"The Real Deal is a Bobby Rush-type funk, with Cru bassist Mike Lawrence stuttering up a storm on the bottom end before guest guitarist Jeremy Walz plays a tastefully phrased guitar solo..." by Mark Uricheck Living Blues #218 April/May 2012

"While Kishimoto hasn’t made a CD of her own (yet), she did give us her version of pieces recorded by other artists. She snapped her fingers to keep the beat alive during “Whatever You Say’, which appeared on Jazz Vibes’ The Next Phase; Benedict was in the audience, as was Jazz Vibes’ vocalist Julia Donnarumma. Lawrence lightened the tune’s multiple rests by adding Ron Carter-like slides, making Kishimoto smile almost every time."
by J Hunter AlbanyJazz .com

"Lawrence is both respectful to the original arrangement and a consummate professional."
Story and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk Nippertown .com

Brian Patneaude Quartet opens SCCC (Schenectady County Community College) recording studio July 2013 (article and photos by Times Union)

Mike Benedict's Jazz Vibes concert @ Bread and Jam, Cohoes February 2010 (Rudy Lu/from

Joe Finn Quartet @ Jazz on Jay, Schenectady summer 2010 (Richard Johnson/from

Albany bio

Keith Pray's Soul Jazz Revival- "When She Smiles" April 2010

with Keith Pray (saxophone), Jim Wilson (guitar), Scott Bassinson (piano), Joe Barna (drums) @ Spillin' The Beans, Troy, NY

Blues Jammin' with Matt Mirabile, Steve Candlen + Benny Little