About Me and My Thoughts on Learning Today

I have been married for 31 years and Cheryl and I are the proud parents of two daughters:  Carissa (Grad MRSS) who is 29, recently married, and teaching in our school district, and Chelsea (Grad PMSS 2008) who is 5 and currently living in Calgary and working with Shaw Telecommunications.  We have raised our children in this community and have been very active in various community activities, particularly soccer and basketball. I enjoy the outdoors, particularly fishing and running.  I ran my first half marathon in May 2012 and look forward to doing another one soon, although my body is telling me otherwise.  While no longer coaching soccer, I am now a referee and quite enjoy connecting with my students and other young people on the soccer pitch.  
Prior to being appointed as the Principal at PMSS for September 2013, I spent 9 years as the Principal of SRT; the first being the year before the school opened its doors when all of the planning and construction was underway.  Before this,  I filled the position of Vice-Principal at Maple Ridge Secondary School (2000-2004), Vice-Principal at Pitt Meadows Secondary (1998-2000) and Vice Principal at Westview Secondary (1995-1998).  Before moving into administration I spent 9 years teaching at Westview Secondary (1986-95) in both the Science and P.E. Departments.  I started my teaching career in 1983 when I spent three fulfilling and enjoyable years up in Terrace at Skeena Secondary School.  As a veteran educator in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District, and as somebody who attended elementary and secondary school in this same district, I take great pride in working with the families of our two municipalities and look forward to spending the balance of my career here.

I am a firm believer in choice and flexibility when it comes to students and their programs in today's schools.  I do not believe that in order to learn students must be sitting in desks five hours a day.  With technology being so readily available and affordable, and given that students today are completely immersed in a technological world, good schools are revisiting what 'high school' looks like.  At PMSS this momentum is beginning to grab hold and I look forward to being part of a school 'moving forward' in the years ahead.   Arrange to come and visit and we'll tell you more.