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Updated:   January 2015

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE.   Hello Parents and Students of Pitt Meadows Secondary.   Welcome to my website.  Most parents checking out this page tend to be 'new' to our district and are searching for information about PMSS.  We are a 'community' focused school with a number of families seeing their third generation walking our halls.  We pride ourselves in providing a sound education to students while also encouraging and supporting them in all of the activities available outside of their regular classes. One of my priorities as the Principal at PMSS is to review how we are using technology in our classrooms and support staff as we allow many of the elementary students coming our way to continue incorporating technology into their learning.  These young students are very 'tech savvy'  and I strive to see them move forward with this as they enter high school.  I also hope to see an increased level of 'choice, flexibility and portability' to our programs. More on this in the months ahead.   I will keep my monthly entries on this site but always keep the current month at the top so you can follow along.  Please don't hesitate to email me anytime if you have questions or comments. Please navigate through some of the links found to the left as I am trying to include information that parents and students are typically looking for when they talk to me.  Mike

January 2015

Welcome Back Everyone.  I hope you enjoyed having your kids home for a few weeks over Christmas and that you had a chance to spend some quality time together.  Students returned to us on January 5 and you could sense the energy in the room during our ‘Welcome Back’ assemblies.  It was obvious they had a good break and were read to buckle down and get back to work.  Two days later, report cards for term 1 went home and our initial review showed that very positive results.  Well done PMSS.


I must commend our leadership students who once again hosted a very entertaining Christmas Assembly for students on December 19.  The entire program was ‘tight’ and the talents of our students were front and center.  Students were quite amused by the line dance performed by over 25 teachers to end the afternoon, and our staff really quite enjoyed themselves. 


January will be the busy month it usually is at PMSS as students recognize the importance of the 9 weeks that make up term two.  Please note the late start/collaboration day coming January 16 and the back-to-back non-instructional days on January 26 and 27.  While the 26th represents the typical Pro-D day we are accustomed to, the 27th is the rescheduled School Growth Planning Day that was lost in September due to the job action.  Administration will be facilitating a staff review of how we are doing at PMSS and developing our draft Growth Plan as a result.   Please note these dates on your calendar.


If your son or daughter is in Grade 12, I encourage you to attend our Grad Parents’ Meeting on January 14 at 7pm.  We have a core of hard-working parents putting this year’s events together but they are always in need of assistance.  This is the time of the year most of the work gets done so please step forward.  It’s for the kids, and always a lot of fun for the parents too.


Please let me remind you that our doors are always open to our parent community.  Come and visit us anytime; just check in at the office upon your arrival.  If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us or pop by for a visit.


Happy New Year!

My wife Cheryl