Job profiling: Ascertain job-specific outcomes for each effectiveness area, together with key behavioural and functional competencies.

Job evaluation: Assess the relative size of each job to establish the overall job structure and individual job grades.

Pay structuring: Develop pay scales based on the different job grades and functions in the organisation.

Individual package structuring: Convert from the traditional basic salary with benefits added on, to flexible or total package (based on cost to company) with benefits added in.

Customised compensation and benefits surveys: Define specific target markets and comparator companies and jobs; ascertain pay ranges and components of the total package; track trends and changes and establish your organisation’s external competitiveness in selected target markets.

Pay reviews: Advise on market pay levels and trends; develop policy and procedure guides, develop spread sheets and project manage the review on your behalf.

Performance management and incentives: Confirm the key value drivers in your organisation; cascade these across the various functions and through the different levels; establish performance standards and targets for each work team; advise on the monitoring and development of individual/team performance; and design self-funding performance incentives.