How are you doing with Remuneration & Reward?


With the effects of the worldwide recession still lingering on; now is a great time to take stock of our remuneration and reward systems and related employment practices.

Are they robust and effective; do they meet employees’ needs; will they stand up under searching staff and union scrutiny; and do they make enough of a positive impact on skill retention and staff engagement?

Why not take a few minutes to complete the self-assessment below?

Responses to the left-hand side are obviously problematic; while those to the right-hand side are great – as long as your people would agree with your rating!!



No or Never

Partially or Sometimes

Yes or Always


We have a written remuneration and reward policy and we adhere to it





We communicate our remuneration and reward policy and answer the “WIIFM” questions that employees raise about our pay and benefits practices





We have assessed employee perceptions of all remuneration and reward systems in the last 2 years





We have conducted a comprehensive market pay analysis based on survey data in the last 12 months





We have addressed the issues that came out of the market pay analysis (internal equity, market competitiveness, salary progression, etc)





We have assessed the competitiveness of our employment benefits other than pay in the last 2 or 3 years





Our staff at all levels are clear about their job roles and performance expectations and have easy access to accurate, current, written job profiles





We use a formal system of job evaluation and our staff are aware of their job grades as well as the process for grading appeals and/or re-evaluation





We have no job grading appeal outstanding for more than 2 months





We have a variable / incentive pay or bonus scheme that is related to organisational and individual performance





Our variable / incentive pay scheme(s) have clear goals (agreed in advance) and “line of sight” for all participants





We have a successful non-monetary recognition scheme through which we celebrate individual or team successes and “going the extra mile”





We pay particular attention to non-monetary benefits of working here (decent work, great supervision / leadership, collaborative organisational culture, etc)






Mike Honnet Consulting offers broad human resources consulting services, with particular emphasis on the following:

  • HR and Performance and Reward strategy
  • Role clarification and job description / profiling
  • Job evaluation and grading
  • Remuneration structuring and pay scale design
  • Package structuring
  • Remuneration and employment practice surveys
  • Employee perceptions surveys
  • Performance management and improvement system design and implementation
  • Performance reward and incentive design
  • Employee productivity system design
  • Employee induction / “on-boarding”


If I can assist you with any aspect of the self-assessment that concerned you, or with any other aspect of HR / human capital management in your organisation, please do not hesitate to follow the Contact link on my web site and get in touch with me.



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