Mike Honnet Consulting

 Organisations of all kinds depend for their success on the commitment, skills and abilities of their workforces. We have found that one of the most effective ways to drive productivity and generate growth and profitability is to create closer alignment between people strategies and business strategies. We partner with clients to help them develop performance and pay solutions consistent with their HR strategy and changing business needs. Our years of experience combined with the research and technology of our global associates enables us to provide your company with the solutions you need for a range of performance and pay requirements.
Our solutions are designed to assist clients to:
  • Develop a strategic view of pay as a means of achieving corporate goals.
  • Create custom–built systems that encourage productivity and high performance.
  • Focus people on outcomes they can influence.
  • Reward people when goals are achieved.
  • Transfer expertise and skills to key people.

It is our emphasis on custom-building unique solutions, together with skill transfer and employee participation, that enables us to ensure buy-in and support.

Our Associates

We have an extensive network of more than 30 associates focusing on such additional human resources disciplines as Industrial Relations, Change Readiness/Management, Leadership Development, Talent management and retention, Process Improvement, Training/Process Improvement ROI and outsourced HR services. We are able to conduct large multidisciplinary assignments through our South African associate network and multinational assignments through our global associates.