Mike is a creative, innovative and technically savvy person who can help your organization accomplish its goals and objectives." -- Dr. Jerry Mick, Pastor of Bangor Baptist Church

For these past 20 years, my time with Michael Heath has made me and everyone else who has been close to him, a better leader, a better man, a better husband and father. -- Rev. Dallas Henry -- Former President, Christian Civic League of Maine

"Mike Heath has years of tested experience as an effective leader and communicator; he is a valuable asset for our region." John Bishop, Headmaster, Greater Houlton Christian Academy

Mike Heath is a devout Christian who has spent years in the trenches of America's culture war and notched crucial victories for faith, family and freedom, often in a hostile environment. Mike knows how to make an impact in anything he undertakes. I count him as a valued friend and colleague and recommend him to anyone who wants results instead of rhetoric. His wife Paulie is an extremely talented songwriter and singer, and the two make a formidable couple in the cause of Christ. -- Robert Knight, Senior Writer and Correspondent, Coral Ridge Ministries.

You are a good man —understatement — who put himself “out there” and received little in return (here and now anyway). -- Rev. Bill Cripe, Senior Pastor, Faith Evangelical Free Church, Waterville, Maine

Mike Heath is a man with a chest.  A wise man once said that you could 
measure a man by the enemies he makes.  In this day of compromised 
Christianity masquerading as love and compassion Mike Heath is a 
stand-up guy who loves his enemies enough to tell them the truth. -- 
Coach Dave Daubenmire, 
Pass The Salt Ministries

Mike Heath and his gifted wife Paulie have “taken the heat and still stayed in the kitchen” for many years with their courageous service to the cause of Christ and the best interests of our great nation, and I believe the lessons they’ve learned and the experiences they’ve passed through have simply prepared them for their best work still to come. -- Don Kroah, Drive-time talk radio host in Washington D.C.

Mike Heath knows families, public policy and God. He’s not afraid to take a stand and knows how to create interest for policies that benefit the kingdom and concern for those that harm society.  He clearly articulates issues and proudly proclaims God’s truth. If you need someone who can create a strategy for getting something done, Mike’s your man. -- Bob Ditmer, 
Director of Communications, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries;  
Former Director of Family News in Focus  

"As a friend, pastor, and sometimes mentor, I have watched Michael Heath's vision grow over the years.  First, as a young minister, he dedicated himself to displaced, lonely, and broken souls as head of a local counseling center.  Then for the next couple of decades, he enlarged his vision to inspire the people of Maine and the nation to stand for what is right.  Now, as he begins a new chapter, his vision expands internationally to countries in Africa and other places of dire need in the world.  No matter where this leads him, you can know that he is a stand-up kind of guy who will, with integrity, always be on the side of right." -- 
Dr. Wilson Hickam, Omega Foundation