Shield of Faith

This is the weekly archive of Helping Hands Ministries Shield of Faith Podcast.

You can download and listen to an .mp3 version of each show here.  Simply click on the first sentence of the descriptive text and a new browser tab will open up that will give you the opportunity to listen to, or download, the show.  If this doesn't work for you shoot me an email at

The October 22, 2016 show is an interview with writer and radio talk show personality Steve Martin ... the other Steve Martin.  This one is from Aroostook County.  Put on your thinking cap for this show and don't dismiss it off hand.  Check out what we discuss for yourself.  Be sure to visit Architects and Engineers for Truth.  Inform yourself!!

The October 8, 2016 show features a discussion with Mike's wife Paulie.  Mike just returned from a  pro life witness on the campus of Yale College in New Haven Connecticut.   The couple also discusses the Biblical Values Summit that was held in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Dr. Scott Lively hosted this event and Mike was one of a dozen or so panelists.