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The Spencer Documents

posted Apr 27, 2012, 9:52 PM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated Apr 28, 2012, 1:39 PM ]
I was recently asked to leave Bangor Baptist Church.  I wrote about it here.

I mentioned documents handed out by Fritz Spencer.  I wrote that they were sobering.

After praying and thinking about it I've decided to post two of the documents.  You can access them here and here.  I decided not to post the legal divorce decree of Bob Emrich, even though I believe it is a public document and Fritz included it in what he distributed at the church that night.

My intent in posting them has nothing to do with harming the people involved.  They are public leaders and as such invite responsibility and accountability.  Our actions must be consistent with our words.

Homosexuals challenge Christians on the issue of fidelity in marriage.  They are right to do so.  The high incidence of divorce among Christians is a much more serious and threatening issue than homosexuality.

Fritz challenged me after the event in a chat.  He suggested that I fear social disapproval and that this is why I shrink from challenging the current leadership of the League by name.

I'm afraid he is right about that.

I've noted in my career that one of the most powerful tactics in politics is the abuse of personal affection.  "He's my friend."  or "I thought we were friends," or "We should be friends if we're going to work together."

We have very few friends in life.  We don't have 500 friends because Facebook uses the term friend to describe the people with whom we connect.  Friendship is a deep and rare thing.

I consider both Mike Hein and Fritz Spencer to be very good friends indeed.  They have never abused that affection.

Others have drawn close to me and tried to do so.

You would be wrong to conclude that any of this means that I've decided not to work with these leaders.  Click here.  Whether they choose to work with me or not is, of course, up to them.