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Me and the League Going Forward

posted Apr 29, 2012, 7:33 AM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated May 6, 2012, 12:26 AM ]
It occurs to me that my recent writing and actions might lead some readers to think I am interested in returning, or somehow influencing, the Christian Civic League of Maine.

This is simply not the case.

I decided to leave the League as support for my leadership was waning, but the League was still making a substantial contribution to the debate over sexual morality.  I suppose it is still making a substantial contribution, but that is not my concern.  It is the concern of her members and supporters.

I am not among them.  I do, however, strongly support the three founding purpose of the League.  They are:
  1. To elect HONEST and COMPETENT public officials.
  2. To encourage ALL THE PEOPLE of Maine in good citizenship.
  3. To enact GOOD LAWS and provide for their IMPARTIAL enforcement.
I am grateful for the years God gave me at the League.  It was truly an honor to serve there for over two decades.

Since leaving the League I accepted God's ordination to ministry.  Being faithful to that call from my Lord Jesus Christ is my concern now.

I know He has called me to continue to speak out on matters related to Christianity and politics ... demonstrating a special concern with sexual morality and ethics.

What the advocates of "sexual orientation theory" are doing to Maine is nothing short of criminal.  They told me when I started speaking out in the early 1990s that their agenda wasn't about children.

I received the following email this morning from a Mainer I respect:

I am on our school board now. It's a chore, but I'm making progress. Nobody on the board ever asked questions before. Questions are a powerful tool. 

About two decades ago "Safe Schools" became popular. I figured it must be about bus safety, protecting kids from ice sliding off the roof and safe handling of chemicals in science classes. That isn't what it was about. Safe Schools was about making schools safe for the sodomy lobby. In fact the program sent junior high students from Maine to Tufts University for an overnight weekend where they were taught sodomy techniques such as "fisting."  I have a copy of the audio tape taken at that session. Our tax dollars paid for that weekend. 

I must speak passionately on this matter.  Any person or institution that dares hint that "this campaign is not about the morality of homosexuality" is going to suffer my umbrage.  This sort of politiking simply must stop.

We must replace the political correctness with honesty.

The people who want the civil and economic benefits of the institution of marriage to extend to men who bring children into a household that is built on the practice of sodomy must explain themselves.  There is, of course, no reasonable explanation for this.  It is pure evil.

And that is why you will never hear them discuss it publicly, other than by accusing "heterosexuals" of doing worse.  This must not be allowed to continue.  They must answer for their own sins, and false reasoning.  They must not be allowed to change the subject.

Since the church has decided it is unwilling to do this for political and pragmatic reasons individual Christians must step up and make it happen.

As we do this more and more members of Maine's public will join us.  They may not be terribly vocal, but they will provide support in ways that they can.

The League will do what it can.  Most churches are now compromised by the fierce feminized political correctness that is leavening all of our institutions.

For an antidote click here.  You'll ROTFLOL.