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Matters of Trust

posted Apr 27, 2012, 9:52 PM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated Apr 27, 2012, 10:08 PM ]
A recent No Special Rights PAC press release contained the following:

In 2009 he refused to work with Heath claiming that Heath couldn't be trusted. 

The press release was referring to Rev. Bob Emrich.

To be more precise about what happened in 2009 Bob Emrich, now leader of the Protect Marriage Maine political action committee, told me in a meeting with Paul Madore and Marc Mutty that we would have to resolve our personal trust issues before we could work together.  I had indicated to him in a prior meeting with Pastor Jerry Mick (then President of the League's Board) that I didn't trust him.  Nothing he said in that meeting with Jerry Mick persuaded me to believe that I should trust him.

At the meeting that included Mutty, Madore and me I responded to Bob's raising of the personal trust issue by sweeping it aside.  I reasoned that the need for us to come together to preserve civil marriage in Maine was more important than whether Bob and I trusted one another personally.

I was then willing to partner with him in this fight.  Nothing has changed.  I remain willing.

I still don't trust him.

But that is a matter between God, Bob and me.  It doesn't have to be resolved for us to be partners in this campaign.

The purpose of the meeting between Mutty, Madore, Emrich and me was to discuss the possibility of our working together that year to preserve marriage.  I trusted Marc Mutty  less than I trusted Bob Emrich.

Whether I trusted them or not was less important to me than coming together for the purpose of preserving civil marriage in Maine.

Would I like to be able to trust everyone in my life?  Of course I would.  We all would prefer that.

We all, however, must work with people who aren't friends every day of the week.

It is the price we pay for living in a fallen world.