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Tankless water heaters won’t save you money

I’ve completed training for 2 major brands of tankless water heaters and I can install a tankless system in your home at a very competitive price.  I just want you to know the facts before you decide.

If you want to have a continuous, never ending supply of hot water, tankless is the way to go.  They save a little space also, but luxury comes at a price.

If you are willing to pay extra to produce less carbon emissions, great.

However, if you want to save money with a more efficient tankless water heater, think again.  When you add up the extra cost of installation and required annual maintenance, then subtract the energy cost savings, you will be paying at least $2200 extra over the 20 year life of the tankless water heater,  ($2700 extra for installation + $1500 for required annual service, then subtract Energy Star’s estimated savings of $100/year).  Repairs over the 20 years is not included, and with all those sensitive electronics, sensors, and valves there are likely to be service calls.  Lets just figure the rebate from the utility company will pay for a service call. 

The figures I have provided are conservative on the expenses and generous on the savings.  More likely, you will pay much more for the tankless water heater and your energy savings could be as low as $25/ year.

You could buy 2 storage water heaters for the cost of the tankless water heater and still save $900!

If the tankless will last 20 years then, you might have to buy 2 storage water heaters to last 20-30 years.  I have seen storage water heaters last 20 or more years, but their life expectancy is 10-15 years.  I’m not so sure that the tankless are likely to last longer than the storage water heaters.  The tankless water heater is granted a 20 year life expectancy because it has a heat exchanger which can be replaced when it fails, but will it be worth it to replace the heat exchanger of a 15 year old tankless water heater?  Most of the electronics and valves in the tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of much less than 20 years but they are replaceable, (not for free).

The technology is evolving and the costs may come down.  For now, I'm still using a storage water heater in my otherwise high efficiency, high tech home.

If you're ready to replace your water heater with a tankless or storage type water heater, give me a call for a free estimate

Get the most out of your swamp cooler during the humid Monsoon season

Swamp coolers don’t cool as well when the air is humid.  To get the most out of you cooler during the New Mexico Monsoon season, follow these tips:

  • Open a few windows only 3”-4” each in the warmest rooms of the house or in the rooms where you want the cool air to go.  Don’t open too many windows or warm air will enter the home.  The home should be only slightly pressurized with the cooler operating, so that the exterior door will blow closed a few inches on its own, but not slam. 
  • Automatic air vents sized properly eliminate the need for open windows and prevent warm air from entering the home when a thermostat control turns off the cooler.  An average home can require 4 or more vents for proper sizing.  At $125 each, (installed), the cost can add up.  Contact Hart Heating and Air Conditioning for more information about Automatic air vents.  Otherwise, turn the thermostat control to a setting which remains on while the windows are open.
  • Turn the cooler on early before it gets too warm so that it does not have to cool down a warm house.  Its easier for the swamp cooler to maintain a cool temperature.
  • Close the blinds or curtains on windows facing the sun, so that the swamp cooler doesn’t have to compete with this heat source.
  • Avoid baking or cooking in the kitchen as much as possible, especially during the hottest times of day.  Use the grill outside or dine out.  The restaurant will probably have Air Conditioning!
  • Open all the windows when it is cool out, then close them as soon as it starts to warm up.
  • A clean and properly serviced swamp cooler will cool your home better.  If you suspect that your cooler is not working at its optimum, call Hart Heating and Air Conditioning to check it out.  Sometimes performance can be increased by making some adjustments or installing a larger blower pulley & motor.

Evaporative coolers remain the least expensive method of cooling over the electric costs of operating Central Air Conditioning, (Refrigerated Air).  Newer Air Conditioning systems are becoming more efficient, but still use much more electricity than Swamp Coolers. Central Air Conditioning will typically increase your electric bill by about $100/month during June & July, and $75/month during May & August.

Central Air Conditioning does cool better on humid days, they are quieter inside the house, and they keep out air contaminants, dust, & pollen.    Hart Heating and Air Conditioning can convert a typical home in Albuquerque to Central Air Conditioning for only $5105.00 plus tax.  This includes permits, labor, equipment, materials, and all costs.