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I elected to stay close to home for personal reasons and attended California State University at Fullerton for my undergraduate degree in History, completed in 1991.  Originally a Political Science major, I found my interest in History to be stronger and specialized in American History.

After beginning teaching, I enrolled in night classes at National University in the Secondary Teaching Credential program.  I completed the program in 1994, doing my student teaching at Servite H.S., where I was employed at the time.

In the ensuing years, I devoted my attention to professional development in instructional strategies and instructional technology, attending numerous conferences and workshops.

In 2007, I chose to return to formal education by beginning a Doctorate in Political Science at Claremont Graduate University.  Though I plan to complete the Ph.D. someday, as a full-time teacher with diverse interests and responsibilities, my path to this goal will meander some.  For example, I will first complete a series of courses specifically in American History & Government at Ashland University (Masters program), which will directly inform the work I plan to do on the Ph.D.

Concurrent to the educational goals in my subject area of History & Government, I am enrolled in the Masters of Education Technology at CSU Northridge.  I have always integrated technology in the classes I teach, and through this program I will enhance the experience for my students.