Michael Grant Johnson

About Me As an architecture major from the University of Miami, I believe it is important to keep advancing my knowledge and abilities in architecture to become a skilled designer and professional architect. The capability to create and change people’s environment and quality of life through developing structures is one of the key concepts that attracted me to the profession. I have spent five years of working on profiling the qualifications for the Intern Development Program and now that I have completed the program I look forward to completing the ARE to become a licensed architect. In addition to working towards my license I am also working towards to being LEED certified, I have taken this exam in the past and only missed by 3 points. My philosophy in life is to work hard and to not give up. I apply this to myself personally and professionally everyday.

Please check my experience, skills and qualifications by reviewing the attached resume. Also attached is my portfolio so you can view my designs and projects that I have worked on. Thank you for taking a moment to look at my site.

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